Based on java plant maintenance management system ssm

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This plant maintenance management system mainly includes multiple modules such as system plant topic management, plant headline management, user management module, forum management module, login module, and exit module.
The system adopts the popular MVC framework springmvc, database mysql, development tool eclipse, using JAVA language development, the page adopts JSP dynamic page development technology, SSM (Spring+SpringMVC+MyBatis) framework

3. Plant theme management module: The user publishes the plant topic, and the plant topic is stored in the plant topic table. The user clicks the plant topic release to enter the plant topic publishing page. After submitting the plant topic, the administrator reviews and manages the plant topic added by the user.
4. Post information management module: design the post information table of the system, the administrator manages the post information data, such as adding, deleting, modifying, querying, etc. When the administrator adds post information, after entering the post information, use jsThe function judges whether the input format is correct, and after the judgment is correct, inserts the post information data into the post information table.
5. Plant headline management module: The plant headline management module includes plant headline entry, plant headline list, plant headline search, plant headline modification, and plant headline deletion. The database operations are implemented through MySQL statements, and the data is placed in thehtml interface.

Administrator's login module: The administrator logs in to the system to manage other management modules of the system.
User login module: The user logs in to the system, inquires about personal information, etc., and operates the available functions.
User registration module: Guest users can register users, and the system will feedback whether the registration is successful.
Add administrator module: Add more administrators to the system, including ordinary administrators and super administrators.
Plant topic management module:
Plant topic list: Present the plant topic table of the database to the administrator in the form of a list.
Add Plant Theme: Implement administrator to add plant theme.
Modify plant topic: Allow administrator to modify plant topic.
Plant headlines management module:
Plant headlines list: Present the plant headlines table of the database to the administrator in the form of a list.
Add Plant Headlines: Enable administrators to add plant headlines.
Modify plant headlines: Allow administrators to modify plant headlines.
Post information management module:
Post information list: Display all the post information of the system, which can be queried by keywords.
Post information deletion: delete the wrong or expired post information.
Forum management module:
Forum list: Display all forums of the system, which can be queried by keywords.
Forum Deletion: Deletion of a typo or out of date forum.
User module:
Data management: users log in to the system.You can view your own personal home page.
System Information: Users can view their own system prompt information.
Modify information: Users can modify their own account password.
Information search: Users can search for information on the site by keywords.
Password modification: The user can modify the personal login password.
System management module: including data backup.
Logout module:
Admin logout: used by the administrator to log out of the system.
User Logout: Used by the user to log out of the system.

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