【There is no eternal faucet】

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【There is no eternal faucet】

"There has never been an era of Vanke, only Vanke of the era", you should have heard this phrase, it is the "real estate era" that has achieved a thousand-fold increase in Vanke!

1. From May to July, the total leader of restructured stocks is $*ST Botian (SH603603)$ , and was closed in a small black house in late July

2. In late July $*ST Qixin (SZ002781)$ 15 consecutive daily limit relays!(Today, the floor will be temporarily resting)

3. Starting from next week, I think $*ST ZhongAn(SH600654)$ will start to restructure stocks. Just tonight, an investor recruitment announcement was made, asking investorsThe registered capital is 2 billion and the assets are 10 billion!This requirement is very high!

According to my understanding of ST Zhong An, the stock is good, and once it is positive, it will be extremely shrinking and the daily limit will continue!It was planned to be deployed in September, but I did not expect that investor recruitment can be carried out at the same time as debt declaration!

My snowball said many times: The market of the reorganization stock is related to "Reorganization Progress"!!Botian is progressing too fast, the trump card is about to come out, and a lot of funds run away; Qixin is progressing rapidly, directly to the stage of investor recruitment, 15 boards!The major shareholders of Fu Jen have been reorganized, and they have risen continuously!

This time, Zhong An will do the same!Reorganize the fishtail market and eat with caution!Easy to see the light to die!

So I think next week ST Zhong An will carry the banner!

Lead Qixin Botian Furen to turn the tide!![Come on] Restructure the stock, still look stronglyCurious Letter Fu Jen[laughs]

Don't say

ST Qixin is 1.9 billion more expensive

ST Fu Jen is 1.9 billion more expensive

Zhong An is expected to quickly reach a market value of 4 billion

Botian is also expected to rebound!

(According to today's ST sector situation, the volume is shrinking slightly, the sector is very healthy, the limit down is mainly a few popular stocks, there is no big negative, the problem is not big.)

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