Suffering is the best class in life

Photography2022-06-23 18:11:42

Today, when I was in the circle of friends , See high school friends S Released some exquisite moon cake pictures and praised them . To my surprise, my friend sent me a private letter , Talked for a long time . I'm glad to see my good friend working hard in the food industry , Achieved very good results .

Along the way , More than ten years of friendship , Everyone from 17 Years old boy has got married now , Although everyone is busy with their own lives , Not always in touch , But I am still very happy after chatting . Watching him grow all the way , He regrets way : Suffering is the best class in life , Can exercise a person's completely independent personality ! Life except life and death , The rest is bruises , We should not be afraid of difficulties , Grasped the nettle !

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