health preservation

Photography2022-06-23 18:11:37

The emperor's Internal Canon says : Refined feet without lust , God does not want to sleep , I don't want to eat . If a person's body can reach such a balance , This is really the highest level of health preservation . With age , Health has become one of the most important things in life , Learning health preservation also comes with it .

I usually don't drink cold , Drink hot water , Increase exercise , take a rest , Don't stay up late , Less angry , More exercise , Keep a good mood , Light diet , I think these are all necessary conditions for health preservation . I had a time , Exercise two hours a day , Now that I think about it , During that time, the positive energy of the body was fully stored .

In fact, exercise is the capital of revolution , Physical fitness can be improved through training , You should add a little more when you can accept it , This is the best condition , Of course, if you are tired , Proper rest , It's also necessary , There is no need to force , Increase your intensity , Have a try. !

Drink hot water , Drink plenty of water , Especially in summer , Pay attention to water supply , I have a light diet , Stick to the right food , It is also very important for the health of the body , If you want to be healthy , Want to be in good health , Let's get moving ! The national movement , invigorate health , Move together .

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