Short video enters the hinterland of online music

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A hot short video , Often with divine level BGM.

You may not know this BGM Name , But I must have been brainwashed by the melody , He even hummed out unintentionally , People love and hate them .

On the one hand, songs really catch the ear , People can't stop listening . On the other hand, I feel no nutrition , Like fast food in music , I don't think it's very good after eating , The right to be satisfied .

At the end of last year , Tencent music entertainment ceremony was announced 2021 Top ten popular Chinese songs of the year , The biggest winner is Tiktok .《 Cloud and sea 》、《 White moonlight and cinnabar mole 》、《 Prodigal gossip 》 When Tiktok divine melody is listed . Some unknown Internet Celebrities , I received the award on the same stage with a well-known Chinese singer .

The most popular one in Tiktok recently , It belongs to liudana DJ edition 《 Just forget 》, Yes 168 Million Tiktok users use this song as a video BGM, Many people even went to QQ Listen to the full version on the music . It was called “QQ Music big three ” One of the most popular singers is Xu Song , Have exclaimed :

Music becomes a vassal of vision .

Video up 、 Music down , The first thing to be impacted is the online music platform , This kind of impact is carried out quietly “ Nibble ”. that , Various online music platforms , And how to face it ? What trends will emerge in the competitive landscape ?

1 Short videos nibble at online music

Nibble , Not a quick intrusion , But occupy it inadvertently .

Short videos nibble at online music , It is in three areas that they quietly enter each other's hinterland :

Audience 、 Musicians and platforms .

Time goes back more than a decade , In that country, the whole people listen to MP3 The s , No video, only audio , The audience's attention is on their ears . Hearing is magnified infinitely , The details and charm of music are all in your ears .

Now we are entering the era of information flow and short video , We are used to listening while watching , And accept information in fragments . Whether it's video or music content , All pay attention to quickly occupy the user's attention . Now :

The video is funny , Music is clapping . Sight dilutes hearing .

A song is not popular , One of the criteria is whether it can even better serve the video content .

In this situation , The living logic of musicians has also changed .

At present, wangjingwen, a singer in various variety shows, appears frequently , At first, it became popular with many popular songs by virtue of Tiktok , Very popular . Later she took part in 《 The voice of China 》 Wait for multiple variety shows , Go to the Chinese music world smoothly .

A musician like Wang Jingwen who has made her fortune in short videos , There are still a lot of it .《2021 Chinese musicians report 》 Show , Last year there was 64.75% Of musicians have uploaded short music videos , Year-on-year growth 10%.

Musicians choose to circle from a short video to achieve “ Curve of national salvation ”, The root lies in the music industry chain .

Over the past decade , The Chinese music world is stagnant , The leading brother was Jay Chou 、 Lin Junjie et al .QQ Music , Jay Chou alone accounts for almost half of the list . The audience's acceptance of new musicians is declining . meanwhile , The impact of the epidemic has blocked offline publicity channels , It's getting harder for emerging musicians to get ahead .

It has the characteristics of national entertainment , And a short video platform with its own traffic , It has become a new channel for musicians to emerge .QQ Music and Netease cloud music , Have released plans to support musicians . But when it comes to making people famous , Tiktok is really faster , After all, the traffic is more sufficient .

QuestMobile released 《2021 China Mobile Internet annual report 》 Show , At the end of last year, the total length of short video usage accounted for 25.7%, Instant messaging has been reversed , It has become the field that has occupied people's network for the longest time .

According to 《2021 Short video user value Research Report 》, Watch more than short videos per day 60 Minute users account for 56.5%, The per capita daily use time has risen to 87 minute .

by comparison , Online music traffic is declining .《2022 Annual comprehensive analysis of China's online music market in 》 Show ,2022 year 1 The average usage time of mobile music users in a single day per month 21 minute , Year-on-year decline in 21%; Per capita per day Movement times Count 4.2 Time , Year-on-year decline in 21%.

NetEase CEO Ding Lei also said at the end of last year ,“ In the short term, we can really see , Short video and live video will distract users for some time , Cause the dispersion of attention ”.

In addition to changes in the audience and musicians , The initiative of short video platform , It is also accelerating the erosion of online music .

At the beginning of the year , ByteDance online music player “ Soda music , This is a music platform for music trends and young people , It can be synchronized to Tiktok . in addition , Tiktok also upgraded the musician service platform to “ Hot star river ”, Provide one-stop service for musicians , It is intended to rob the resources of musicians . meanwhile , The adjustment of the organizational structure is also keeping pace with .Tech The planet learned , Bytek has set up a music division this year .

If bytes play “APP factory ” The characteristics of , Tiktok 、 Today's headline 、 Watermelon video, etc APP The music business of , Then you can have incubation 、 Play 、 Dispersing pertains 、 The whole industry chain capability of copyright operation , A stronger impact on online music .

Another short video platform, Kwai , It is also accelerating its attack on online music . Last year to now , Kwai has been with Warner Music 、TuneCore And the copyright management platform AMRA Reach an authorization agreement , Trying to tear open the access channel on the music copyright .

Back to the most essential question , Why should short video platforms cannibalize online music ? This is because online music and short video have a natural fit . Whether in content collaboration or traffic mining , Online music can help push short video content , Therefore, it has a very high strategic position for the platform .

So in the face of the nibbling of short videos , How can online music platforms fight back ?

2 Online music platforms fight back

There is a popular saying on the Internet called “ I can't beat you , join ”.

Tencent music and Netease cloud's attitude towards short videos is : Yes , You can also join .

Take advantage of others , Mend one's own shortcomings . It's a defense , It is also an attack .

QQ There is... In music “ Tiktok BGM The complete ”, Up to 5.7 100 million times . Song list on Netease cloud “ Tiktok ”, Up to 8.7 100 million times .“ hug ” Tiktok , Virtually bring abundant traffic to the online music platform .

in addition , Tencent music and Netease cloud music are also using social entertainment services , Impact the track where the short video is located .

5 month 24 Japan , Netease cloud music disclosure 2022 First quarter results . Results show that , First quarter , Netease cloud music revenue is 20.67 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 38.6%; Loss during the period 1.8 One hundred million yuan , Year on year narrowing .

Revenue growth , Mainly from social entertainment services and other businesses that account for the majority , The revenue of this module increased year on year 61.6% to 11.9 One hundred million yuan .

In recent years, , The biggest story of Netease cloud music is the community . Ding Lei once defined Netease cloud music as a music community .2019 In, Netease cloud music went online in the community section “ Yuncun ”, Exert oneself to “ music + social contact ” Building communities .

The characteristic of the community is high stickiness , Large paying space .

before , Netease cloud is the comment area that people like to talk about , Once created “ The net suppresses the cloud ” body . User reviews , It can enhance the activity and stickiness of the community , But it's hard to find more space to pay , It's often empty money . In especial , When Netease cloud is faced with copyright weakness 、 When the music library is insufficient , The effect of user comments is getting weaker , Some people turn to Tencent music .

therefore , Short video and live broadcast have become the focus of Netease cloud .“ Podcast ” The plate is placed in Netease cloud APP A prominent position in the middle , There are a lot of live broadcasting rooms inside , There are also the main algorithms recommended “ recommend ” plate . And the whole “ Yuncun ” plate , There are a lot of short videos .

These functional blocks , Combined, it is very close to Tiktok , Netease cloud is becoming more and more “ Shake ”, And this has brought it performance growth .

First quarter , The social entertainment service revenue of Netease cloud mainly comes from the live broadcast business . The live broadcast also drives monthly paying users , Year-on-year growth 170% achieve 118 ten thousand people . Short video and live broadcast , It has accelerated the business of Netease cloud .

however , Netease cloud music is also facing new challenges , That is, the potential for users to pay has decreased .

First quarter , The monthly pay per user revenue of its social entertainment services fell year-on-year 40.39% to 329 element . On the one hand, the scale of paying users has grown , On the other hand, the potential for payment has declined , How to strike a balance between the two , It is an urgent problem to be solved by Netease cloud music . Because once the user's low-level payment habit is formed , It will be difficult to raise the price again .

Just like Netease cloud music , Social entertainment has also become an important engine for the commercialization of Tencent music .

First quarter , Tencent music revenue fell year on year 15.1% to 66.4 One hundred million yuan , It mainly comes from the social entertainment business, which accounts for the majority of revenue , Revenue fell year-on-year 20.6% to 40.3 Billion . Tencent music said , Mainly due to the changing macro environment , And increased competition from other pan entertainment platforms . Other pan entertainment platforms , Undoubtedly, it refers to short video platforms such as Tiktok .

Tencent music's social entertainment business , Mainly focused on cool dog music 、QQ music 、 Cool music 、 All the people K Four songs APP On . take QQ music APP Come on , The bottom three plates —— live broadcast 、MV、 Community , It's all about socializing and entertainment .

Tencent's social entertainment revenue fell in the first quarter , It mainly comes from the four APP Some talent anchors on the , Migrate to the short video platform , It takes away some traffic and paying users .

however , The temporary decline in revenue does not explain the problem . Compared with Netease cloud music , Tencent music is telling a bigger story : Cut in from the sound , Build a huge ecosystem that continuously meets users' pan entertainment needs .

The outside world believes in the story of Tencent music , Because it relies on wechat and even Tencent , There is no shortage of resources and traffic , Especially the cooperation of wechat video number .

5 month 20 and 21 Two nights a day , Tencent music's four APP—— QQ music 、 Cool dog music 、 Cool music 、 All the people K song , The United video number broadcasts Jay Chou's “ The most powerful demon on the earth ” The concert . The final communication effect is excellent , There is a nostalgic upsurge offline .

Inside Tencent , The video number is used to block Tiktok , The strategic position and volume are constantly improving . The linkage between video number and Tencent music , There is no doubt that the powerful are united :

Video number can provide Tencent music with a large flow of short video publicity platform , And it can make the social circle of Tencent music users , Link to a broader social circle like wechat , Climb the flow plateau . Tencent music can inject more pan entertainment resources into video numbers , Stimulate user activity .

All in all , Tencent music's defense and attack against short videos , And realize the blueprint for the future , We need a video number as a right hand .

3 The problem of short video

Short video platforms and online music platforms have not sounded the battle horn on the surface , Behind the scenes, there was smoke of gunpowder .

The march of short video , Will let the online music territory be invaded to what extent ?

At present, there are many views . Some think , Finally, short video will replace the online music platform with the advantage of traffic . Some think , The online music platform will form an internal short video platform , Stop the invasion of foreign enemies .

《 A bit of Finance and Economics 》 Think , Neither short videos nor online music can really occupy each other's hinterland . The former will encounter multiple obstacles in the short term , It will exist as a publicity platform for the latter .

When short videos enter the online music platform , The first obstacle is the copyright barrier .

Previously, Netease cloud music competed with Tencent music , Just because of the inferior position in copyright . Since last year , The state promotes the cancellation of the exclusive copyright mode of the platform , The barriers between the two families have been reduced . But for short videos outside the industry , Barriers remain . When users cannot hear the music they want to hear on the short video platform , Will still choose the online music platform .

And the accumulation of music copyright content , It requires huge investment and long-term ism .

On the content reserve , Tencent music and Netease cloud music have accumulated for nearly a decade , Invested a lot of money .2018 year ~2020 Three years , Netease cloud music has spent nearly 10 billion yuan on the cost of content . The short video platform needs a short time , Build on the music board “ Copyright Great Wall ”, You can do it in a day .

Even if the copyright is accumulated , Cultivating user payment habits is a long and difficult task .

Tencent music relies on its copyright advantages , Has accumulated a huge number of paying users . The first quarter of this year , Tencent music's online music subscription revenue increased year-on-year 17.8% to 19.9 One hundred million yuan . Behind this is the year-on-year growth of online music paying users 31.7% to 8020 ten thousand people , The rate of payment is 13.3%.

Let users pay for music on short videos , It seems unable to convince them to cut their hands willingly . If the cost of buying copyrighted content , Cannot be overwritten by user payment , Then it will be difficult to continue .

The copyright has not yet accumulated , When the music content library is not large enough , Short videos are often “ Made a wedding dress for others ”, Because they will encounter online music platforms Brand power hinders .

When many people hear the divine melody on Tiktok , Finally, I will choose QQ Music and Netease cloud music search complete tracks , Identify the original singer and songwriter . And those music people's song clips after the fire of Tiktok , I will still upload the full version to the online music platform , Create a complete personal homepage , Seek out the circle .

Online music platforms for them , More like a compliant and reliable endorsement , This is a platform advantage that short video platforms do not have .

This is like comparison. , Many people buy goods in the short video live broadcast of e-commerce , I will still go to Jingdong 、 Confirm on tmall whether the brand is formal , Whether there are quality problems .

Even without the defense of online music , From the perspective of music industry chain , Short videos create the form of music , It is also difficult to form scale and sustainability . This is the hindrance caused by its internal mode .

Many musicians say , Short video Divine Comedy dilutes the value of music .

Why do you say dilute ?

Because if a song wants to be popular in a short video , Need to cater to “ Short and smooth ” Flow oriented . Creators often follow “ gold 15 second ” The laws of , Is to quickly attract the audience in the climax . in addition , The lyrics often fit the public's psychology , Add some earthy and even vulgar elements , In order to cause wide spread , But it also reduces the quality of the song , And homogenization is serious .

This actually goes against the original intention of music creation .

before , Some media reported that some cultural media companies , Specialized in mass production of Tiktok divine comedy . They have the same chords , A similar melody , The lyrics are closely linked to the words that can spread quickly . There are thousands of such songs every day , Just like the homogeneous products on the assembly line , On the short video platform .

They are very popular for a while , And soon it was a flash in the pan . Perfunctory to the audience , Will eventually be abandoned by the audience .

Individuals can profit from this model , He left after earning a lot of money , But if the short video platform also defaults to this industry chain mode , In the end, it must not go far .

For now , Short video because of traffic advantage , More importantly, it serves as a publicity platform for musicians .《2021 Chinese musicians report 》 Show , In the selection of digital music platform with the best promotion effect , The proportion of musicians who choose Tiktok 33.37% second , Second only to Tencent music .

Of course , Short videos will not only be satisfied with being a propaganda platform , Next, let's look at Tiktok 、 How did Kwai act .

4 Conclusion

One generation has another generation's musical memories .

stay 80 In the memories after , Thousands of listening is the authentic music player , Chenhuixian's thousands of Jue songs are the mark of youth .

90 In the after QQ Growing up with music , There is XuSong 、 Wangsulong and countless non mainstream sorrows .

and 00 Later, with the rise of Tiktok and Kwai , Heard more brainwashing songs and Demons BGM.

The sounds of generations Happy harvest Listen to history , In fact, it is also the iterative history of streaming media .

Now , Short video and online music enter the key node of mutual attack . Which platform will the audience listen to music in the future , Only time can give the answer .

This article is from WeChat official account. “ A bit of Finance and Economics ”(ID:yidiancaijing), author : Zhao Tong , edit : Liu Yu ,36 Krypton authorized release .

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