International crude oil outsourcing account opening

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International crude oil outsourcing account opening

Take the answer 1:
International crude oil outer disc is what investors call crude oil investment and financial products , Global investors can trade Brent crude , American crude oil ;
Global investors can trade , Electronic disk can trade in real time , Just the Internet , mobile phone , The computer , Can be traded ;

It is convenient to open an account for international crude oil trading , Register your account through the official website of the formal platform ;
Account registration only requires an ID card , cell-phone number , email , Over the age of 18 One year old legal citizen ;
Through the official website of the formal platform , Enter the account opening link , Register a firm offer account ;
After successful account registration , You can enter the gold transaction ;

International crude oil investors must choose a regular platform to trade ;
Formal platform investors can pass the establishment time , Regulatory information , Cash in and out , Operability, etc ;
1、 The formal platform will guarantee the funds of all investors ;
2、 Choose a platform that has been established for a long time , Generally choose the old platform that has been established for more than ten years , The long-standing platform has certain strength , Safe and reliable ;
3、 Have a good reputation and trading environment , Recognized by users ;
4、 Under the strict supervision of regulatory authorities , At least three regulators are needed , And the supervision number can be provided ;
5、 Fund safety , You can apply for payment at any time , There are no conditions to restrict access to money ;

Investors can identify the formality of the platform through the above basic methods , And small funds can be used to trade , Only gold 100 dollar , transaction O.O1 hand , Fully understand the trading rules and processes through small funds ;

International crude oil trading uses 100 Double lever , The transaction contract is 1000 bucket / hand , Only 0.03 Point difference ;
Investors trade 1.00 The funds needed are 950 dollar , Market volatility 1.00 Points for 1000 dollar ;

Investors must reasonably control their positions when trading international crude oil , Strictly set profit and loss stop , Don't go against the trend , Trade with the tide ;

I hope the above answers can help you , If you have any questions, you can use the above contact information or telephone +V Good friends ;
Especially the selection and identification of formal platforms , Communicate at any time .

Teach people to fish , It's better to teach people to fish ; Teach them to fish , It's better to give people desire ;
Trading is a professional thing , Need to have excellent technology and ideas ;
If you are a new market investor , I hope I can help you ;
If you are a trading expert , I hope we can discuss each other , Sophisticated Trading Technology 【+V Detailed discussion 】
reminder : Investment is risky , Careful choice .

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