CSDN salary increase secret script: Jenkins integrated allure test report complete tutorial

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Allure The framework is a powerful automated test reporting tool , Not only support multiple programming languages , And it can be perfectly combined with various integration tools , Include Jenkins,TeamCity,Bamboo,Maven wait , Therefore, it is favored by many testers , So today we will simply explain Jenkins How to integrate allure Test report

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Allure Plug in installation

Jenkins Integrate allure Test report , Need to install Allure Plug in as support

1. open Jenkins, Click... On the home page [Manage Jenkins]

2. choice [Manage Plugins]

3. choice [Available] Options , Search the input box to enter Allure, The name searched out is Allure, After installation, the name will change to Allure Jenkins Plugin

 Allure Commandline To configure

1.jenkins Configuration page , Select global tool configuration [Global Tool Configuration]

 2. The global palace configuration page drops down to the last item , You'll see “Allure Commandline” term , Click the configuration below and save it

Job To configure

newly build Job

Jenkins Click New... On the home page Job[New Item]

Input job name , Choose a free style project , Click on [ok]

General To configure

Enter description and other information , Because my project is in my local , So I don't configure other options here , You can set it according to the actual situation

Source code management (Source Code Management)

structure (Build)

Enter the following command , My test project uses a virtual environment

cd ./venv/Scripts
activate && cd ..&& cd .. && python.exe run.py

Post-build operation (Post-build Actions)

Input Path name , there path Name means to generate this folder under project and directory , Folders are used to save the build html What the report relied on before json,xml,txt Etc

Click on [Advanced], Input Report path name , there path It will also be generated in the following directory of the project , Also save the last html The report

All the above information can be saved after configuration

Execute build

stay jenkins The new workspace for is named pytest-allure The catalog of , And copy the project to this directory ( This workspace is in General Can be customized in , Because I haven't configured the default workspace )

Next click [Build Now] Execute build


Check the report


The whole process is relatively simple , But it can not avoid the problems in the intermediate process , So try to operate it manually , Deepen one's impression

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Reference link  Allure Framework

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