2022 t elevator repair test question bank and simulation test

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Source of question bank : Safety production simulation test, a little public official account.

2022 year T The practice questions of elevator repair examination are T Elevator repair test questions simulation test questions bank high frequency test questions coverage !2022 year T Elevator repair examination question bank and simulation examination basis T Elevator repair examination outline .T Elevator repair reexamination simulation exam pass the safety production simulation exam one click through the intelligent question bank exercise .

1、【 Multiple choice 】 Repairman Yan , One person repairs the elevator . open 20 Floor door , Observe the car position . Lean over and lose stability , Fall into the shaft and die .(  AB  )

A、 The use of triangular key is illegal

B、 There are less than two people doing homework , Violations,

C、 The repairman has no right to use the key

D、 Without first powering off

2、【 Multiple choice 】 According to the appearance of handrail , At present, there are () Escalators with handrails .(  ABC  )

A、 Completely transparent

B、 translucent

C、 Opaque

D、 No handrail

3、【 Multiple choice 】 By use , DC motors are divided into ().(  AB  )

A、 DC generator

B、 DC motor

C、 alternator

D、 AC motor

4、【 Multiple choice 】 The protective cover of each wheel of the elevator , When it works ().(  AB  )

A、 Prevent injury

B、 Prevent sundries from falling into

C、 Anti stripping tank

D、 Prevent rain

5、【 Single topic selection 】《 Safety Law of the people's Republic of China on special equipment 》 since () Come into effect .(  B  )

A、2009 year 10 month 1 Japan

B、2014 year 1 month 1 Japan

C、2012 year 12 month 1 Japan

D、2013 year 10 month 1 Japan

6、【 Single topic selection 】 Driving axle and driven axle , Mutual formation 90 degree , Disjoint . How can I drive .(  D  )

A、 Gear drive

B、 Coupling transmission

C、 Chain drive

D、 Worm gear drive

7、【 Single topic selection 】 When a person is found to be electrocuted , How to disconnect it from the power supply ?().(  B  )

A、 Immediately pull away the person with electric shock by hand

B、 Unplug the power supply or electric shock with an insulating object

C、 Pull the power cord with an iron bar

D、 Splash water on the person who gets an electric shock

8、【 Single topic selection 】 The bolts in the bolt group must be tightened in a certain order () Tighten .(  B  )

A、 once

B、 Graded

C、 two

D、 Fine

9、【 Single topic selection 】 Elevation of the unlocking area of traction elevator , It shall be above or below the ground level of the landing where the lift car is located ()mm within .(  A  )





10、【 Single topic selection 】 The automatic door opening mechanism of elevator is generally installed in () Location .(  C  )

A、 entrance for a sedan chair

B、 Landing door

C、 Car roof

D、 Door pocket

11、【 Single topic selection 】 Lift to solve difficulties , When the power supply needs to be cut off , Should be cut off () Power Supply ?(  D  )

A、 Main switch

B、 lighting

C、 Safety loop

D、 Power supply

12、【 Single topic selection 】 The elevator continues to run beyond the terminal station , In the hoistway () device , It can prevent the elevator from hitting the top or pier bottom .(  B  )

A、 Out of phase protection

B、 Cross station protection

C、 Door lock protection

D、 Lift car moves slowly

13、【 Single topic selection 】 The rated lifting capacity is less than or equal to () Bridge crane... Tons , Only one set of lifting mechanism .(  B  )




14、【 Single topic selection 】 The ability of metal materials or stressed components to resist elastic deformation refers to what characteristics of materials .(  C  )

A、 Strength

B、 hardness

C、 stiffness

D、 toughness

15、【 Single topic selection 】 The construction unit entrusts to have () The testing unit of the company carries out the testing work , And bear the corresponding testing costs , It is not allowed to require testing institutions to issue false testing reports .(  B  )

A、 The relevant operation

B、 Relevant qualifications

C、 Relevant capabilities

D、 Related majors

16、【 Single topic selection 】 The objects of the tower crane shall be bound firmly during lifting , Do not stack or hang other objects on the suspended objects ; When lifting sporadic materials , It must be bound firmly with hanging cage or steel wire rope . When people stand on the suspended object () Lifting .(  B  )

A、 Sure

B、 must not

C、 Not suitable

D、 can

17、【 Single topic selection 】 The setting of occupational disease prevention facilities in the workplace shall ().(  A  )

A、 Adapt to the prevention of occupational hazards

B、 Set according to the production scale

C、 Set uniformly according to national standards

D、 Adapt to safety standards

18、【 Single topic selection 】 The gantry crane is generally installed at the bottom of the car door ().(  C  )

A、 On the left

B、 On the right

C、 upper part

D、 Lower part

19、【 Single topic selection 】 The production of dangerous goods 、 business 、 Storage units and mines 、 Metal smelting 、()、 The main person in charge and safety production management personnel of the road transportation unit , The competent department responsible for the supervision and administration of work safety shall pass the examination of its work safety knowledge and management ability . The assessment shall not be charged .(  C  )

A、 Car production

B、 Construction unit

C、 Construction

D、 construction control unit

20、【 Single topic selection 】 Fire truck access must be set up on the construction site , The channel width shall not be less than ().(  B  )





21、【 Single topic selection 】() External construction team with less than people , There should be a part-time Safety Officer .(  D  )





22、【 Single topic selection 】() Is to provide a specific signal to make the elevator in normal operation immediately drop to the preset floor ; Allow firefighters or other specific personnel to use the elevator .(  D  )

A、 Car control panel

B、 Button outside the hall

C、 Car roof maintenance box

D、 Fire switch

23、【 Single topic selection 】 Violation of fire safety management regulations , from () To punish according to law .(  C  )

A、 Construction administrative department

B、 Work safety supervision and administration department

C、 Public security and fire fighting institutions

D、 People's governments at or above the county level

24、【 Single topic selection 】 The working principle of jet suction welding torch is that oxygen enters the jet pipe through the oxygen channel , And then from the diameter () Eject , And the low-pressure acetylene gathered around the nozzle , So oxygen and acetylene are mixed in a certain proportion , And the ecstasy is discharged from the nozzle through the mixture channel at a certain flow rate .(  B  )

A、 Big nozzle

B、 Very small nozzle

C、 Small nozzle

D、 A fairly large nozzle

25、【 Single topic selection 】 Magnetic float level gauge when the liquid level rises , The turnover column is made of () The color changes to () color .(  B  )

A、 white , black

B、 white , red

C、 red , white

D、 red , black

26、【 Single topic selection 】 When the color of water sample is too dark during chloride determination , The following measures shall be taken to deal with ().(  B  )

A、 Add calcium hypochlorite

B、 Can be found in 100ml Add... To the water sample 1g Sodium carbonate and steam dry , Dissolve the dried up matter in distilled water and then determine

C、 Filter

D、 Add alum to precipitate

27、【 Multiple choice 】《 Law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of occupational diseases 》 Regulations , The cost of the occupational disease prevention facilities of the construction project shall be included in the project budget of the construction project , And with the main works ().(  ABD  )

A、 Design at the same time

B、 Simultaneous construction

C、 At the same time, check and accept

D、 Put into production and use at the same time

E、 Operating at the same time

28、【 Multiple choice 】 A large brewery in a certain place will build a small sewage treatment plant , Excavation required 1.5m Deep foundation pit , No precipitation measures , The grading is not big , No support , Two workers work overtime to dig the rest of the soil , The soil is backfill . Leave the foundation pit 1m There are original sewage sewers outside , The sewer seeps outward , At night while the workers were digging , The original sewage pipe burst suddenly , Water washes the soil and causes landslides .
(3) When excavating the soil, observe () Regulations .(  ABE  )

A、 Dig from top to bottom

B、 Support or slope when cracks are found

C、 Step on the earth wall and support up and down

D、 At most 0.3m Deep manual repair and excavation

E、 The distance between the spoil heap and the foundation pit is greater than 0.8m

29、【 Single topic selection 】 The party requesting arbitration shall, from the date of the occurrence of the labor dispute () Submit a written application to the labor dispute arbitration commission .(  C  )

A、 Within thirty days

B、 Within forty days

C、 Within 60 days

D、 Within 90 days

30、【 Single topic selection 】 Construction site to adjacent buildings 、 Structures and special working environment may cause damage ,() Safety precautions should be taken .(  A  )

A、 Construction enterprises

B、 Construction unit

C、 construction control unit

D、 Project management unit

31、【 Single topic selection 】 Located on the weld surface , By visual inspection or by () Visible defects , It's called external defect .(  D  )

A、300~500 A magnifying glass

B、500~1000 A magnifying glass

C、1000~1500 A magnifying glass

D、3~5 A magnifying glass

32、【 Single topic selection 】 The function of the balance valve in the hydraulic jacking system of the jack up tower crane is ().(  B  )

A、 Less fuel consumption

B、 Prevent the jacking part from falling and stalling

C、 It can accelerate the descent

D、 Control the flow direction of hydraulic oil

33、【 Single topic selection 】 When excavating earth manually , The operating distance between two people shall be kept ().(  C  )





34、【 Single topic selection 】 The cable route laid vertically , The fixed point shall not be less than per floor () It's about (  A  )





35、【 Single topic selection 】 For the dual-purpose construction elevator, it shall adopt () Anti falling safety device (  C  )

A、 Manual alarm type

B、 Weight touch

C、 Speed trigger

D、 Intelligent voice type

36、【 Single topic selection 】 Subway in a city 3 Quicksand collapse safety accident of line No , Causing direct economic loss 5000 Ten thousand yuan , Belong to ()(  B  )

A、 Extraordinarily serious accident

B、 Major accident

C、 Major accident

D、 General accidents

37、【 Single topic selection 】《 Regulations on the administration of foreign contracted projects 》 Regulations , Units contracting foreign projects shall formulate contingency plans for emergencies ; When an emergency occurs abroad , Should () Handle , And immediately report to the Chinese Embassy in the country where the project is located ( Consulate ) Report to relevant domestic authorities .(  C  )

A、 Fast 、 Efficient

B、 justice 、 objective

C、 In time 、 proper

D、 objective 、 justice

38、【 Multiple choice 】 The function of the brake is ()(  ABD  )

A、 Decelerate the mechanism , And stop moving

B、 Prevent the stopped mechanism from moving under the action of external force

C、 Prevent the motor from running

D、 Control the speed of movement

39、【 Multiple choice 】 The concrete vibrator operator should have a certain knowledge of safe electricity use , You should wear your work clothes when you work ().(  AC  )

A、 Insulated rubber shoes

B、 antiskid shoe

C、 Insulating gloves

D、 A safety helmet

E、 Protective clothing

40、【 Single topic selection 】 The coating forms a horn shaped sleeve during welding , Concentrate the arc heat , It can reduce splash , It is conducive to the transition from droplet to molten pool , Improved ().(  D  )

A、 The work efficiency

B、 Welding efficiency

C、 Current intensity

D、 Deposition coefficient

41、【 Single topic selection 】 The foundation construction of tower crane shall be prepared ().(  A  )

A、 Special construction scheme

B、 Power consumption organization design

C、 Technical archives

D、 Commissioning records

42、【 Single topic selection 】 according to 《 Regulations on reporting, investigation and handling of production safety accidents 》, Especially serious accident , It means causing () More than people died , perhaps 100 Serious injuries of more than people , perhaps 1 Accidents with direct economic losses of more than 100 million yuan .(  C  )





43、【 Multiple choice 】 A crowded area ' Safety production mold I'm going to take the exam a little through ' Indoor decoration 、 decorate , It shall be in accordance with the requirements of fire protection technical standards , Use () material .(  BC  )

A、 Flammable

B、 Incombustible

C、 Flame retardant

D、 Combustible

E、 Non flame retardant

44、【 Multiple choice 】 Pipe jacking construction mainly includes ().(  ACDE  )

A、 Operation pit setting 、 Back construction and guide rail laying

B、 Construction disclosure

C、 Precipitation and drainage 、 Jacking

D、 Excavation and excavation 、 Lower pipe and interface

E、 Jacking equipment layout 、 Work management preparation

45、【 Single topic selection 】《 Production safety law of the people's Republic of China 》 Regulations , The production and business operation entities use the processes that endanger production safety that should be eliminated 、 The equipment , Failing to make corrections within the time limit after being ordered to make corrections within the time limit , The person in charge and other persons directly responsible for it () The fine .(  B  )

A、 Less than 10000 yuan

B、 More than 10000 yuan and less than 20000 yuan

C、 More than 10000 yuan and less than 50000 yuan

D、 More than 50000 yuan and less than 100000 yuan

46、【 Single topic selection 】 After the low carbon steel is grooved by carbon arc air gouging or the root of pick welding , There is a hardened layer on the surface of the planer , Increase or decrease with the change of process parameters , But not deeper than ().(  D  )





47、【 Single topic selection 】 Injecting water will () The crude oil in the pores is effectively displaced .(  D  )

A、 stratum

B、 oil layer

C、 crack

D、 Rocks

48、【 Multiple choice 】 It is not allowed to () Fixed on scaffold (  ABCE  )

A、 Formwork support

B、 Cable wind rope

C、 Delivery pipe for pumping concrete

D、 Scaffold board

E、 wire

49、【 Multiple choice 】 When the leakage protector has () Leakage circuit breaker with protection function , No circuit breaker or fuse can be installed .(  ABC  )

A、 A short circuit

B、 overload

C、 Electric leakage

D、 Open circuit

E、 Open the way

50、【 Single topic selection 】 According to the characteristics of tubular pump and rod pump ,() It is applicable to the oil well with deep water 、 Well with high liquid production .(  B  )

A、 Rod pump

B、 Tubular pump

C、 Both

D、 Neither

51、【 Single topic selection 】 Construction of high formwork as shown in the figure , The following statement is most correct ()

(  C  )

A、 Set up according to the scheme , Pass the acceptance

B、 With the consent of the supervision unit , Pass the acceptance

C、 The horizontal pocket net is missing , The acceptance is unqualified

D、 Steel pipes are not painted with antirust paint , The acceptance is unqualified

52、【 Single topic selection 】 When calculating the load in tower crane operation , Always use mobile · Safety student Production model quasi Pass the exam at one o'clock · Load factor , Its purpose is to ().(  B  )

A、 Overcome impact loads

B、 Compensate for inertia force

C、 Overcoming friction

D、 Increase security

53、【 Single topic selection 】2008 year 3 month 13 Japan , A construction unit contracted zhengshengmen construction project . In the process of pouring concrete beams and slabs , After overnight construction ,13 It was poured on the morning of the th 260m³,1O At around , When the pouring is almost over , High span ①~④ The formwork support system at the shaft suddenly collapsed , Causing concrete pouring on the working face 8 Construction personnel and 1 A person patrolling under the frame was buried . After investigation and calculation , The actual tensile force borne by the vertical steel pipe ( Pressure ) The strength value reaches 279.865N/mm² The allowable tensile strength of the vertical pole design is reached ( Pressure ) Intensity value 205N/mm² Of 1.37 times . It is precisely because the formwork support system has serious quality problems , Resulting in insufficient stability and loading force , Can't bear such a large area of concrete pouring and collapse . A collapse accident of formwork support system occurred , cause 4 People have been killed 、5 People were injured , The direct economic loss is about 150 Ten thousand yuan . Please answer the questions :
(3) There is no need to set temporary fixed facilities during the installation of formwork and its support system , So as not to occupy space , Waste of manpower 、 material .()(  B  )

A、 correct

B、 error

54、【 Multiple choice 】 What are the main components of the safety flat network ?()(  ABCD  )

A、 Net body

B、 Side rope

C、 Tether

D、 Tendon rope

E、 Packing rope

55、【 Multiple choice 】 Material used for material elevator 、 Steel wire rope and supporting parts and components shall be provided with factory certificate .()、() It shall pass the type inspection .(  BC  )

A、 windlass

B、 load lifting limiter

C、 Fall protector

D、 Leveling device

56、【 Single topic selection 】 The device to protect the weight of the lifted articles from exceeding the maximum allowable lifting weight of the tower crane is ().(  B  )

A、 Torque limiter

B、 load lifting limiter

C、 Lifting height limiter

D、 Amplitude limiter

57、【 Single topic selection 】 The following statements about the re acceptance of the basket are correct ().(  B  )

A、 Acceptance shall not be carried out again until more than three times of displacement and installation are carried out at the same construction site

B、 The acceptance shall be carried out again after the secondary displacement installation at the same construction site

C、 Carry out multiple displacement installation at the same construction site , There is no need to conduct acceptance again

D、 Displacement installation is not allowed at the same construction site

58、【 Multiple choice 】 Butt joints of longitudinal horizontal bars shall be staggered , The specific requirement is ()(  ABD  )

A、 Two adjacent joints should not be set at the same time 、 In the same span

B、 The distance from the center of each joint to the nearest main node should not be greater than... Of the longitudinal distance 1/3

C、 The distance from the center of each joint to the nearest main node should not be greater than... Of the longitudinal distance 1/2

D、 Out of sync 、 The horizontal staggering distance of two adjacent joints of different spans shall not be less than 500mm

E、 Out of sync 、 The joints can span two adjacent horizontal planes in the same direction

59、【 Single topic selection 】 The inclination angle between the diagonal diagonal rod of the outer frame and the ground should be ().

(  B  )

A、 stay 45 degree ~75 Between degrees

B、 stay 45 degree ~60 Between degrees

C、 stay 30 degree ~60 Between degrees

D、 stay 30 degree ~75 Between degrees

60、【 Multiple choice 】 The project supervision unit has the following () Behavior , It shall be rectified within a time limit .(  ABD  )

A、 The special construction scheme was not reviewed

B、 Discover potential safety accidents , No measures have been taken

C、 Did not participate in the preparation of construction organization design

D、 Not in accordance with the law 、 Regulation implementation supervision

E、 The supervision unit shall stand by the formwork construction

61、【 Judgment questions 】GB7588-2003《 Safety code for elevator manufacturing and installation 》 Regulations : Engagement of door lock , It shall be able to apply pressure in the direction of opening the door or perpendicular to the direction of opening the door 300N Forceful , Do not reduce the locking efficiency .(  √  )

62、【 Judgment questions 】TSGT7001-2009《 Check the rules ( abbreviation )- Traction and forced drive elevator 》 Regulations : The original record , The date of inspection shall be indicated , Signed by the inspector , Signature of inspector .(  √  )

63、【 Judgment questions 】V V-groove traction wheel , Mostly used for light load 、 Low speed elevator .(  √  )

64、【 Judgment questions 】《 Safety Law of the people's Republic of China on special equipment 》 Regulations : The unit using special equipment shall use the special equipment before it is put into use 30 Intraday , Handle the use registration with the Department responsible for the safety supervision and management of special equipment , Obtain the use registration certificate .(  ×  )

65、【 Judgment questions 】《 Elevator maintenance rules 》 Regulations : Coupling between motor and reducer , There shall be no looseness , The elastic element has good appearance , No aging and other phenomena .(  √  )

66、【 Judgment questions 】 A landing door or car door with two doors , Open from the middle to both sides , Same speed , Call it the center gate .(  √  )

67、【 Judgment questions 】 Transmission system refers to the intermediate device that transmits the mechanical energy generated by the power machine to the actuator , Such as belt drive 、 gear ( Reduction gearbox ) Transmission 、 Chain drive 、 Hydraulic and pneumatic transmission, etc .(  √  )

68、【 Judgment questions 】 When using a level , Clean the surface of the measured workpiece , The bottom surface of the level does not need to be cleaned .(  ×  )

69、【 Judgment questions 】 Light curtain anti pinch protection device , In the process of closing the door , The door can only be reopened when touching people or objects .(  ×  )

70、【 Judgment questions 】 transformer , It is an electromagnetic equipment working according to the principle of mutual inductance .(  √  )

71、【 Judgment questions 】 Hoisting mechanism and luffing mechanism , Braided and lengthened wire ropes shall not be used .、 most New analysis 、()(  √  )

72、【 Judgment questions 】 In the maintenance state , The biggest difference between the operating procedure of the elevator door opening and closing action and the normal action is : The opening and closing of the elevator door are inching .(  √  )

73、【 Judgment questions 】 At each staircase after the construction of the structure of the project under construction , Fire water guns shall be provided 、 Hose and hose , And each set point shall not be less than 1 set .()(  ×  )

74、【 Judgment questions 】 Models for TKZ1000/2.5-JX The elevator , Express : DC passenger elevator , Rated load 1 Tons of , Speed 2.5 rice / second , Centralized selection control .(  √  )

75、【 Judgment questions 】 Production safety accidents only refer to the accidents that cause casualties in production and operation activities .(  ×  )

76、【 Judgment questions 】 The action of safety gear is caused by the action of speed governor , A safety device that forces the lift car or counterweight to stop on the guide rail .(  √  )

77、【 Judgment questions 】 When the compressed natural gas is filled in the tank car , Its PV Should not exceed 450MPa˙m3.(  ×  )

78、【 Judgment questions 】 Safety gear linkage switch , It is reasonable to turn off after clamping the track with the jaw .(  ×  )

79、【 Judgment questions 】 When the traction drive elevator starts running , When the motor cannot run , The motor running time limiter shall be greater than 45 Seconds work .(  √  )

80、【 Judgment questions 】 The handrail rubs against the rim surface , It's oil resistant rubber . Can guarantee ’ Safety production simulation test Try a little ’ The required friction , Synchronize the handrail with the steps .(  √  )

81、【 Judgment questions 】 The vacuum deaerator operates under the important condition of low temperature , It has the advantage of energy saving .(  √  )

82、【 Judgment questions 】 Driving roller of handrail , Also need to adjust .(  √  )

83、【 Judgment questions 】 hoist rope , After natural stretching and lengthening . One or two seat blocks connected to the bottom of the counterweight frame need to be removed , There is no need to shorten the traction rope again .(  √  )

84、【 Judgment questions 】 Leave for a short time during maintenance , It should be in the maintenance gear , Disable the call function ; Lock the inner and outer doors , Hang warning signs .(  √  )

85、【 Judgment questions 】 Period of validity after inspection , Since the issuance of periodic inspection report ” Ann Full production simulation exam A little ” From the date of notification (  √  )

86、【 Judgment questions 】 Under normal circumstances , In the process of automatic door opening of elevator , The movement speed of the two doors of the horizontal sliding split door is the same , The movement speed of the two doors of the horizontal sliding side door is different .(  √  )

87、【 Judgment questions 】 The lubricating oil of permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine needs to be changed regularly , To prolong its service life .(  ×  )

88、【 Judgment questions 】 Hydraulic elevator , Rupture valve in hydraulic system 、 Relief valve , It belongs to safety protection components .(  √  )

89、【 Judgment questions 】 The rolling guide shoe shall be used for running speed less than 2.0m/s On the high-speed elevator .(  ×  )

90、【 Judgment questions 】 Made of metal wires 、 electrical 、 A conductive circuit consisting of electronic components , It's called circuit .(  √  )

91、【 Judgment questions 】 apply 《 Special equipment operator certificate 》 People who are not required to submit physical health certificates .(  ×  )

92、【 Judgment questions 】 The grounding point of elevator control cabinet can be centralized , It can also be grounded dispersedly .(  ×  )

93、【 Judgment questions 】 It is forbidden to place objects on acetylene cylinders 、 Tools or winding and hanging rubber tubes and welding and cutting torches, etc .(  √  )

94、【 Judgment questions 】 The elevator traction machine shall be equipped with normally closed brake , No matter what causes the brake to lose power, it shall brake automatically .(  √  )

95、【 Judgment questions 】 Safety protection system of elevator , Mostly electromechanical linkage .(  √  )

96、【 Judgment questions 】 After the limit switch of the elevator acts, the elevator shall not automatically resume operation .(  √  )

97、【 Judgment questions 】 Method for measuring balance coefficient by current method : Install the rated load separately 30%、40%、45%、50%、60% Up and down the whole process , Record the motor current .(  √  )

98、【 Judgment questions 】 Apron of escalator or moving sidewalk , Should be vertical 、 smooth , The joint between plates shall be butt joint .(  √  )

99、【 Judgment questions 】 The step column of the escalator , The steps are installed on the step traction chain in turn , Running with the traction chain . All step treads of the working section , Should be and kept level .(  √  )

100、【 Judgment questions 】 Recently, , Traction elevator has new development and new requirements . Attention should be paid to :5 Once a year 125% Brake test ; Car door bypass device ; Door opening limiting device ; Door circuit detection function ; Car accidental movement protection device (  √  )

Support all regions of the country to accurately T Elevator repair exam questions , Support safety certificate , Special operation certificate , Exercises on the question bank of vocational skill appraisal and other types of work .

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