I'm in Shenzhen. Where can I open an account? How to open an account now?

Koufu Q & A2022-06-23 18:09:30
I'm in Shenzhen , Where to open an account is better ? How to open an account now ?

Take the answer 1:
Hello investors ! It is recommended that you first select a local securities firm in Shenzhen , Open an account online . Now of course you can open an account online . You don't need to go there in person to open an account online , There's no need to make an appointment .

Specific process of online account opening :
1. Cell phone number verification ( You need a mobile phone number to enter the verified number to open an account )
2. Fill in the information ( Personal ID card information , Address and income, etc )
3. Upload documents ( Need to be old 18 One year old , When shooting front and back, the four corners are in the photo frame )
4. video recording ( Don't record for too long ,5 About seconds , Explain that you opened an account voluntarily )
5. Test questions test (20 What type of investor is the Tao choice risk test )
6. Bind bank card , Submit account opening

Opening an account with me is to save you costs , No threshold, low commission to you , If you need to contact me for one-on-one guidance on account opening and service !

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