[Wwise] there is no sound problem after Wwise is embedded in unity and packaged

C # Li natuo # C2022-06-23 18:09:22

As Mengxin , Contact Wwise And then appeared in Editor Play normally in mode Wwise Package audio files , However, the audio file cannot be played normally after packaging

1. Check if it is Unity There is a problem with self packaging , see Global Volume Whether it is 0 , Change to 1

This step may not work , because Wwise It's like Mute In the case of editor Audio can still be played in mode

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2. see Wwise Whether it is successfully packed into the package
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Indeed, it was successfully packed into the package , But the key at this time is

Because now that it's packed into the envelope , The data should be imported normally , There's something wrong there ?
Here I suspect that since the file path I initialized in the script is in editor The next path XML file , But the path has changed after packaging , The script can only be read after the game is started , Instead of reading when packaging .

Look at log Report errors , Sure enough, it's empty here , Could not find xml The path of

 Insert picture description here resolvent :
Mengxin's violent writing :
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