How to open new bonds? Is it risky to apply for new bonds

Koufu Q & A2022-06-23 18:08:42
How to open a new bond subscription Is there a big risk of new debt

Take the answer 1:
Hello! , You need to apply for a stock account to make new bonds , After the account opening is approved, log in to the securities firm's APP, We should first open the trading authority of convertible bonds , Then it can be used normally on the second trading day , If there are new debts, you can participate in the subscription . There is basically no risk for investors to buy new bonds , Since there is no market value requirement for the purchase of new bonds , But the success rate of new bonds is relatively low .
You can open an account online , Mobile account opening process :
1. Get ready : Both ID card and bank card have the same name ( Bank card must be personal card )
2. Data authentication ; Fill in the basic information , Work certificate and address, etc
3. Identity Authentication : Upload the front and back of the certificate , video recording (5-10 The second should not be too large )
4. Risk assessment : need 20 The choice of questions tests the risk awareness of investment
5. Questionnaire return visit , Through several questions, confirm that I opened an account
6. Submit for review , If the audit is passed, the account will be opened successfully .
If you have any transaction questions, please feel free to contact me , Our head securities firm will serve you wholeheartedly , Meet your needs , Open an account with me so that you can invest less detours !

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