How much commission can China Merchants stock account opening get in 2021 and how much commission

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2021 How much commission can China Merchants stock account opening get in , How much commission

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Hello! , I'm glad to answer ,2021 In, the Commission for opening an account for China Merchants' shares was about 0.03% , If you want to open a stock account, you can make an appointment in advance , Contact me online , You can apply for a preferential fee , Opening an account requires ID card and bank card , The specific process is as follows: :

First step : Prepare your ID card and bank card , Ask the account manager for the QR code
The second step : Scan for low commission accounts , Mobile number login , Upload photos of the front and back of the ID card
The third step : Select the shareholder account to open ( Both Shenzhen and Shanghai should be selected ), Sign relevant agreements .
Step four : Fill in personal information , You need to witness the video , Question answering , Just verify the information
Step five : Select a third-party depository bank and enter your own card number information , Just bind a bank card
Step six : Complete risk assessment and follow-up questionnaire , Submit account opening application directly
Step seven : After the approval, there will be a short message notification , After opening an account successfully, you can use it

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