What is the stock account opening and what account is opened

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What is stock account opening , What account did you open

Take the answer 1:
Hello! , Stock account opening means that investors open securities accounts and capital accounts in securities companies before buying and selling stocks on the securities exchange market , The process of establishing savings and other business relations with banks . The stock account is opened in Shanghai A Heel depth A Two types of shareholder accounts , Shanghai A The account is the account for trading the shares listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange , deep A The account is the account for trading the shares listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange .
Account opening process :
1、 Download and open the securities company APP;
2、 Find the stock account on the homepage and click to enter ;
3、 Click on “ Open an account now ”;
4、 Enter your mobile phone number , Verification Code ;
5、 Upload the front of your ID card 、 Reverse side of ID card and self portrait ;
6、 After the submission is complete , The system will automatically identify personal information and complete
7、 Video verification with customer service of securities companies , Answer questions according to customer service requirements during verification , After verification, operate as required ;
8、 Waiting for the review of securities companies .

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