How does China Securities 1000 stock index futures trade? Are there any price limits?

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personal witness 1000 How to trade stock index futures ? Are there any price limits ?

Take the answer 1:
Hello , At present, there is no CSI in the futures market 1000, Chinese certificate 500. therefore , Next, I will introduce you to China Securities 500 Related content .
First , Introduce China Securities 500 Elements related to futures contracts
1. Subject matter of the contract 500 Index
2. Contract multiplier per point 200 element
3. Quotation unit index point
4. Minimum change price 0.2 spot
5. Contract month 、 Next month and the next two seasons
6. Trading hours are from Monday to Friday 9:30~11:30,13:00~15:00
7. The maximum daily price fluctuation limits the settlement price of the previous trading day ±10%
8. Of the contract value of the minimum trading margin 14%
9. The last trading day is the third Friday of the contract expiration month , In case of a national holiday, it will be postponed
10. The delivery date is the same as the last trading day
11. Delivery method: cash delivery
12. Transaction code IC
13. Listed exchange: China Financial Futures Exchange
According to the above , We should be able to see the Chinese certificate 500 The rise and fall of is ±10%. Of course , According to the change of the market , The price range will be expanded , So we should pay attention to .

in addition , personal witness 500 It belongs to China Financial Futures Exchange , Therefore, opening an account requires conditions , As follows
1. The available funds in the futures account are greater than 10 ten thousand
2. Pass the test of Futures Association , Results are greater than 80 branch

Last , Introduce China Securities 500 Security deposit and handling fee .
【 margin = Transaction price * Trading unit * Margin ratio * Hand count 】
【 Service Charge = Transaction price * Trading unit * The proportion of handling fee * Hand count 】
personal witness 500 margin =6274*200*14%=175672 element / hand
personal witness 500 Service Charge =6274*200*0.000023=28.9 element / hand , The day's closing position is open 15 times , That is to say 432.9 element / hand
If you want to know more , Welcome to contact me directly !

Take the answer 2:
Hello! , At present, it is still in the stage of soliciting opinions and has not yet started

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