Can new accounts be opened to purchase new bonds? Is there a big risk of playing new bonds

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New accounts can be opened to purchase new bonds Is there a big risk of new debt

Take the answer 1:
Hello! , To open a new account, you need to log in to the securities firm after the approval of the account opening APP, We should first open the trading authority of convertible bonds , Then it can be used normally on the second trading day , If there are new debts, you can participate in the subscription . There is basically no risk in issuing new bonds , There is no market value requirement for new bonds , But the success rate of new bonds is relatively low .
The mobile phone account opening process is as follows :
(1 Contact our securities manager online to apply for account opening QR code download App
(2) After installation, open the trading software , Enter online account opening
(3) ID card image upload and business department selection
(4) Fill in basic user information ; Video authentication
(5) Upload the front and back of the ID card according to the prompt , After uploading successfully , Click next for video authentication
(6) Contracted depository bank , Submit an account opening application .
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