Glassnode: bitcoin computing power ribbon is inverted, and miners have surrendered

Bochain Finance2022-06-23 18:07:03

Bo chain finance and economics learned that ,6 month 23 Japan , According to the Blockchain Analysis company Glassnode The latest analysis shows that , It has appeared at present The currency Miners' surrender . Due to lower revenue and higher production costs , This has caused pressure on miners' income .

The miners' behavior has confirmed that the surrender phase is under way . The first evidence is the Suanli ribbon , Now it's upside down , Because computing power has dropped from the highest point in history 10%, Mark the ASIC Mining machine is offline .

As miners face this massive financial pressure , Their bitcoin balance outflow has reached... Per month 5000 to 8000 gold . Now? , This is related to 2018-2019 The bear market capitulation in .

It is worth noting that , Bitcoin failed to hold the low range of its ongoing consolidation (2.8 Thousands of dollars ) after , The miners stopped selling , In fact, their balance is based on 2200 The speed of bitcoin increases .

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