It is said that the main customers of TSMC are waiting in line for the process capacity of 3nm process

The English media is based on information from the Fab tool manufacturer , Reports that TSMC's main customers are waiting in line 3nm Of process capacity , Customers mentioned include Apple AMD、 Ying Wei Da 、 broadcom 、 Qualcomm and MediaTek , Also mentioned intel .

from 3nm According to foreign media reports before the risk trial production , TSMC is 3nm The craft is ready 4 Wave productivity , Most of the first wave production capacity , It will be left to apple, their big customer for many years , after 3 Wave capacity will also be increased by Qualcomm 、 Intel 、 Ying Wei Da 、AMD Wait for the manufacturer to book .

Last week, foreign media reported that , TSMC 3nm The trial production of the manufacturing process is progressing smoothly , Monthly capacity at the beginning of mass production , It is expected to exceed 2.5 Ten thousand wafers . Hsinchu Science Park 3nm The monthly production capacity at the initial stage of process mass production is expected to be 10000-20000 Wafer wafer , Tainan Science Park is expected to be 15000 Wafer wafer .

Intel seeks TSMC 3nm The capacity of the process , Foreign media also mentioned in previous reports . At the end of last year , Pat · Kissinger carried out his succession to Intel CEO The first Asian implementation after , At that time, he visited TSMC , Held a closed door meeting with TSMC executives , Foreign media mentioned that they just 3nm The process OEM is discussed .

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