2022 The 2008 Winter Olympics is over , As the only Olympic City in the world , It has written a new chapter in Olympic history , China presents a more confident world to us ; Again ,2022 As the turning point of the automobile industry, the year , Nothing is more exciting than the rise of domestic enterprises .

from 2009 Year of “ Ten cities and a thousand cars ” To comprehensive subsidies , Today, driven by the market, nearly 20% The permeability of , China's new energy vehicles are in the process of development , Survived all kinds of temptations and pressures , After going through various revision iterations , Finally lead the world , Show China's speed .

In the Middle East: , It is inseparable from the Chinese auto enterprises represented by gac-e'an , It's the superposition of their speed , And the persistence and innovation of the Japanese arch pawn , For the collective improvement of Chinese automobile brands , Write down the most vivid footnotes .

01 Production mode of ai'an , Run out of China's smart acceleration

2021 year , China's auto sales have finally stopped the decline for three consecutive years , Achieve positive year-on-year growth . In a way , Last year, the sales volume of the automobile industry increased , Mainly due to the growth rate exceeding 145% New energy .

The latest expectation of the passenger Association ,2022 The sales volume of new energy vehicles is expected to exceed 600 Thousands of cars , The permeability is about 22% about . It means 2022 The annual output of new energy vehicles is higher than that of 2021 Nearly double the number of years . In the face of the uncertainty of the huge growth of sales in the new energy vehicle market , What is more difficult is the utilization and expansion of the production capacity of new energy vehicle factories .

According to the statistics of the Federation ,2021 In a total of 11 The capacity utilization rate of car enterprises is higher than 100%, Among them is 7 Home is a new energy vehicle enterprise , Take gac-e'an as an example , Its 2021 The average annual capacity utilization rate exceeds 140%, Facing the rapidly expanding new energy market , It is urgent to expand production capacity .

But the construction of factory production line involves many aspects , Such as equipment installation 、 Commissioning, etc , In particular, we should transform the fuel truck factory into a pure electric factory , Need a longer waiting period . Take the public for example , The Emden plant was established in 2020 year 7 The transformation began in August , but 2022 It will be completed in the first half of the year ; Even if it's a pure electric car factory , Also need to exceed 1 Months time , Take Wei Lai for example , It will cost us just to rebuild the factory 20 Many days , The time from debugging to full use has not been calculated .

The second phase of the capacity expansion of Eyan , Take advantage of the Spring Festival holiday 15 The time to complete is... Days , Once again set a new industry record . So , We specially interviewed the relevant personnel of ai'an .

“ Last year, our peak capacity utilization rate exceeded 160%, The production capacity has been used to the extreme , Expansion is a certainty . The reason why it can be in 15 Days to complete , On the one hand, our factory has been adhering to ‘ Small investment 、 Come on 、 Rolling development ’ Idea , This flexible mode is not only conducive to minimizing the investment risk , At the same time, it is also convenient for the subsequent expansion of production capacity at any time .”

“ On the other hand , The expansion speed is fast , It also benefits from our world leading process technology and efficient production mode of ai'an . such as , We applied digital twinning and big data technology , Real time simulation and virtual debugging , Economize 30% The debugging time of ; And the LEGO module is used for pre assembly , It can not only be assembled in batches by many people at the same time , It can also be assembled independently , Improve the installation efficiency 40%.”

according to the understanding of , The unique production mode of ea'an provides a strong boost for the efficient expansion of the factory . Because its core idea is : Eliminate all waste , Create ultimate efficiency 、 Cost and quality . Based on the lean production experience of GAC , By using advanced intelligent manufacturing ideas , With the Internet of things 、 Big data and artificial intelligence , Thus forming a unique and efficient production mode .

Have to admit , be obsessed by “ One step ahead ” AIAN , It is indeed a rare pioneer in this era , It has a full sense of the future , And precise explanation and execution , It has repeatedly set industry records 、 Create the confidence and strength of Eyan's new speed .

02 Ian path , Lead the new direction of China's Intelligent Manufacturing

As a super dividend market, new energy vehicles , capital 、 Money will filter out the real value from the market 、 meaningful 、 Promising car companies , But it's not just because “ money ”, Ai'an's thinking and development path .

2021 year , The cumulative sales volume of aian exceeds 123660 platform , Year-on-year growth 119%, Not only advance the line, annual sales 10 Ten thousand vehicles , It also ranks among the top three in the mainstream consumer market , With fast development speed 、 Develop high-quality “ The Eyan phenomenon ”, Among the heads of the new energy industry .

The emergence of the Eyan phenomenon , Thanks to the mechanism breakthrough carried out by the AIAN people from top to bottom , The breakthrough of this mechanism has brought innovative impetus to the development of ai'an .

Of course , You don't see the process of these changes , Only see the result of the change . Because outside capital , And its pioneering technological innovation 、 Intellectual ability , Become a new era as a sample of the reform of state-owned enterprises and the flying of sales volume and volume .

As Xiao Yong once said in the interview , If you want to be respected by the market , We must contribute to the industry , The premise of doing something worthy of respect , I've always been extremely demanding on myself .

It turns out to be the case , Since its establishment , Ian has been solving the hardest things . Like magazine batteries 、 Super speed battery 、 Sponge silicon anode battery technology 、 And the construction of overcharge charging station and the exploration of overcharge city . Maybe , This sense of achievement is the driving force to support Ian .

That's why we say , Ian's view of the world and his efforts for the industry , It fascinates me more than his products . Because some technical products , Money can buy , But some of the , Only driven by a sense of mission can we achieve .

For example, Tesla's one-piece die-casting body , It's really a disruptive application , In the future, it is even possible to realize one-time die casting of BIW , Directly overturned the production line invented by Ford . But Wei Lai ET5 It also involves the integrated casting process ; At the beginning of the year, Xiaopeng executives also signed a cooperation contract with an integrated die casting machine company .

And the production mode of Eyan , It's more like a methodology . Ian, it's not as happy to tell stories as the new forces , But it is committed to efficiency 、 quality 、 The quality reaches the extreme , Eliminate all waste . For the second phase expansion of the plant , It's not just an upgrade of capacity , But the improvement of intelligent manufacturing ability , This is also the proper meaning of the continuously evolving production mode of ai'an .

such as , Through the world's leading steel spot welding and aluminum hot melt drill fast switching technology 、 The industry's first source data classification and distributed edge server 、 The world's first ai'an fast color change system , The color change time is from 7 Days down to 45min, Achieve the world's most 25 Two colors are customized .

Among them, the world's first digital transparent production process , Seamless connection and real-time synchronization of user customized data , Realization 100% Digital dispatch to guide production ; As many as 52 Industrial innovation patents , The production efficiency of the factory has been improved 45%, Customization ability is improved 35%.

As the world's leading interactive customization factory , Ai'an intelligent ecological factory was recognized by the Ministry of industry and information technology as a pilot demonstration factory of intelligent manufacturing 、 Guangdong Province is rated as 5G Industrial Internet benchmarking factory , as well as e-works Identify China's benchmark smart factory . Compared to Tesla's ultimate 、 Different production modes of a single product , Ai'an production mode represents a unique mode , From the beginning, we anchored the large-scale personalized customized production line , Realization “ A thousand cars and a thousand noodles ”, Instead of pursuing a single product .

Facing the consumer demand of personalized customization in the post industrial era , Ai'an intelligent ecological factory to adapt to new technology 、 The new material 、 The transformation of new industries , Driven by technological innovation , Create a more ultimate quality 、 cost 、 An efficient production mode , Keep going “ Mass interactive customization ” To a new peak , On the basis of building a new paradigm of Intelligent Manufacturing in China , It also continues to lead the reform direction of China's automobile intelligent manufacturing , Become a global leader .

03 On high ground , The anchoring direction is not relaxed

Thorns always coexist with flowers , All Chinese car companies understand “ Brand upgrading ” It's the only way out , But everyone is watching .

Traditional car companies are considering the cost and risk of reform , The new forces revolve between survival and capital , Consumers are holding money to see the reliability , Only Ian holds “ Non self revolution is not enough , Lack of energy is not enough to make it new ” Obsession , With continuous scientific and technological innovation , Build more space than you can imagine .

After going through the epidemic blockade , Consumers are eager to break through the shackles , Explore in the virtual and real world 、 Enjoy and embrace new experiences , meanwhile , It has also entered an uncertain era due to technological changes . Seek progress in uncertainty , Look for new logic 、 Rebalancing is what Ian is doing .

such as , Between scale and personalization 、 Between creating technology and business operations 、 Between the fate of the enterprise and the mood of the times …… Ai'an has changed from survival driven to thought driven , Completed the conceptual upgrading . Just as Gu Huinan, general manager of GAC EA, emphasized in the interview ,“ Ai'an is China's ai'an , Not someone's Ian .”

exactly , Provide more extreme Services 、 Add one more lidar 、 Then bring the scissors door …… These are innovations , But no one is like Ian , Have a strong desire to solve the grand problems of the times .

Maybe ,2022 Turning point of automobile industry in , As we expected, it will come unstoppably in an all-round way , There may be new opportunities , Whatever the turn , All mean challenges . New forces of international car making 、 New forces of local car making 、 The rapid progress of local traditional forces and even other cross-border forces , Will bring different dimensions of pressure and constraints .

The mission of helping China become an automobile power , Must be completed by Chinese brands .

Ian as a national team , It has an inescapable mission and responsibility . The reason why Eyan makes people feel that fame is in sight , Is that it has the ability to break and then stand 、 Determination to give it a go 、 Match it with a sharp enough sense of smell 、 Strong enough execution , And have awe and humility for the industry .

according to the understanding of , In an internal meeting , The leaders of Ethiopia and Angola have stressed ,“ The first step is simple , But it's hard to get ahead step by step . If you can't continue to change and innovate , They soon caught up .” But actually , establish 4 More than a year , Ai'an's innovative technology development 、 The industrial layout is always one step ahead , Leading the transformation of the industry .

04 Emotional resonance , User first

In this, we advocate simplicity 、 Personalized era , People's understanding of smart cars has undergone disruptive changes . The car acts as a vehicle between two points , Carrying more young people to decorate themselves 、 The need to show individuality , It's culture 、 It's values , It's also a sense of belonging .

They judge whether an enterprise is outstanding or not , It's never how many cars it sold , It's not how many times the market value has doubled , But what possibilities it creates for human life , What kind of social change 、 And whether they have the same values as themselves .

All of ai'an is highly sought after , Because of It can realize the new mood of the times , And accurate 、 Quickly projected on its products , And resonate with different consumers .

Just like AIAN has never been limited to selling concrete products and services , But to break the old barriers , Create a new paradigm . Organizational culture is also good 、 Sell smart manufacturing , Can break through the wall first among the forces , It means that Ian, to some extent , It has led a new paradigm of Intelligent Manufacturing in China .

future , Achieved capacity “ Overcharge ” AIAN , With the world's leading intelligent ecological factory and more efficient production mode of ai'an , Bring more high-quality personalized products to users , Step in all directions “ High speed + High-quality ” A new stage of development .

Time rushes forward , Ai'an may continue to encounter new topics and challenges . Or maybe , The problems that Ian will encounter in the future , There is no standard answer in the whole industry .

But for Ian , When there are no standards , The first step is the standard .