2022 Years on years , The domestic new energy vehicle market has made a good start , The data of the ride show ,1 The retail sales of new energy passenger vehicles reached 34.7 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 132.0%.1 In June, the wholesale penetration rate of new energy vehicle manufacturers reached 19%.

Among them, the performance of the new forces of car making is still strong , Especially in 20 The pure electric vehicle market above 10000 yuan occupies a high market share , This has also caused great pressure on a number of traditional automobile enterprises . And it's worth mentioning , The product layout of the new forces of car making is more fierce this year , Will bring more competitive new models , Let's take a look at the recent exposure of several new car making forces and new models .

Gao He HiPhiZ Mass production version

Under the banner of Gaohe automobile HiPhiX rely on 80 The price of the top model of 10000 is , It can be called the ceiling of the new forces of domestic car making . Although its monthly sales volume is only hundreds , This is already 50 More than 10000 luxury brand electric vehicle sales list of the top regular customers . Gaohe automobile also released its second model at the end of last year —— Gao He HiPhiZ, Is expected to be in 2022 Beijing Auto Show opens pre-sale , And delivered within the year .

According to the Gaohe we got HiPhiZ According to the latest spy photos of mass production version , The car will adopt the exterior rearview mirror design of conventional form , At the same time, it is equipped with heavy wheel hub , The shape of the wheel hub is the same as that of the wheel hub HiPhiZ There is a big difference between mass production and finalized cars . However, it is understood that , Gao He HiPhiZ The reduction degree between the mass production version and the previously unveiled finalized car will reach 95%, Use the future mecha shape with great visual impact .

Although it is still not clear that Gaohe HiPhiZ The specific selling price of the mass production version , But according to Gao He HiPhiX The selling price is predictable , Gao He HiPhiZ The price level of mass production version is also expected to be in 50 More than ten thousand yuan . Judging from the information published so far , Gao He HiPhiZ The amazing degree of mass production version is no less than that of Gaohe HiPhiX, Higher attention is also expected to drive good sales .

Wei to ES7

Qin Lihong, President of Weilai automobile, disclosed at the communication meeting earlier :“ This year, 4 Mid month , Weilai will officially release Weilai ES7, The car is located in Weilai ES8( Parameters | picture ) He Weilai ES6( Parameters | picture ) Between , It will be a five seat SUV.” Just recently, a group of spy photos of Weilai's new car were exposed , The car is expected to be the upcoming Weilai ES7.

Spy photo display , Wei to ES7 comparison ES6 Have a longer body size , And the roof is obviously protruding , It is expected to be associated with ET7( Parameters | picture )、ET5( Parameters | picture ) Also equipped with roof lidar and high-level camera . It is reported that , Wei to ES7 Will be based on NT2.0 Platform to build , Or it will be produced in the second production base of Weilai , The plant is planned to be officially put into operation in the third quarter of this year .

Wei to ES7 The arrival of the , It will further expand the product lineup of Weilai brand , Promote brand sales growth . Although at present we are interested in Wei Lai ES7 We don't know much about our products , But according to Qin Lihong , Wei to ES7 Will benchmark BMW X5( Parameters | picture ), The strength is still very expected .

Ask boundary M7

“ Turn Tesla over in a year , Mercedes 、 BMW 、 Audi killed them all ” Recently, Huawei Yu Chengdong's bold words at the internal meeting were popular , as everyone knows , Huawei insists it doesn't build cars , But I didn't spend less time in the auto business . Cyrus Huawei smart choice SF5 Also completely changed into AITO Ask boundary M5, However, the current market performance can only be regarded as tepid . According to the plan ,AITO The second model will be on the market this year , The new car will be connected with M5 Resultant impact 30 Annual sales target of 10000 vehicles .

According to the spy photos currently exposed ,AITO The second model of the brand is positioned in medium and large-scale SUV, Or will be named ask boundary M7. In terms of modeling, the new car will continue to use the world M5 Design language of , Large area inverted trapezoidal medium network is adopted , The shape of the lamp is sharp . The through tail lamp design at the rear is also similar to M5 be of an identical nature . however M7 The overall body size is significantly larger , The expected length of the car is close to 5 rice , And will adopt a three row seat layout . The interior and power parts are also expected to be similar to M5 bring into correspondence with , Provide Hongmeng intelligent cockpit and add-on program / There are two kinds of pure electric .

Which zha S

As a strong dark horse last year , Nezha automobile will also launch a heavy flagship car this year —— Which zha S. Recently Nezha announced the latest parameters of this new car , And plans to be officially listed in the near future .

From the relevant posters, we can see , Which zha S A pure electric version and an add-on version will be provided , Battery life of pure electric version 710km, Add program 1100km. motivation , Which zha S Adopt front and rear double motor design , Peak power 340kW, The efficiency of the motor and the working condition of the whole vehicle reach 92%, The acceleration time is only 3.9 second .

In addition, Nezha has a relatively bright spot S A new generation on board HozonEPT4.0 Thermostatic thermal management system , Huawei heat pump nine way valve is applied , Have 16 Combination of two working modes , It can effectively improve the stability of power system and battery system , At the same time, it can minimize energy consumption .

Brother Gulu has something to say

From the beginning was not optimistic about , To counter attack and break through all the way , The new forces of car making have proved themselves through products and sales , On the new track of electrification and intelligence , Consumers are no longer concerned about the logo , More is the strength of the product itself . But with the accelerated transformation of traditional automobile enterprises , The competitive advantage of new forces will continue to fade , But nonetheless , The subversion brought by the latter to the market can still not be underestimated .( writing ZW)