Of course , There is no doubt that it is necessary ! in fact , The watch is the same as the car you bought , Need to maintain , Reasonable maintenance allows the watch to protect or appreciate , Sports is the soul of the whole watch . As a precise mechanical project , Inside many small parts , Assemble many gears in the moving splint , And each part drives each other and generates energy .

There are various types of screws in watch movement , There are usually a few screws , There are many screws , Every screw has it , If it goes down from the splint , It may stick gears and balance, resulting in the balance of the watch .

Sports splints can also scratch , Causes the watch to shift or stop during operation . meanwhile , The lubricant gradually becomes less and less , The friction between the gears produces some metal , Increase rotation , The shell is dust , Dirt and moisture , Exercise is also easy to happen . In theory , Sports is a very troublesome way to watch the internal movement of all patients .

It's a very complicated thing . Basically , Every time 3 - 5 Once a year , It is necessary to clean , Test the performance and movement of the counter , Professional mastery requires complete cleaning of all parts and contamination , And make sure everyone is completely lost , So as to achieve stable work and the integrity of various components .

in addition , We also need to do some small details every day , It is worth noting that , Only the double repair clip can effectively extend the use time of the watch , Delay failure .

1. Clean your watch often , Don't put your watch in the wardrobe , Lest evil . 2. Don't open the desk cover often , To prevent dust from entering the movement . It's best to get a fixed time , Don't worry too much , Otherwise, it's easy to glue in the box in the box .

When release is relaxed , Because elasticity is easily destroyed . 4. Press down , You can't be too strong , Failure cannot be avoided . These are very simple and very small , In fact, in any case , in any case , in any case , in any case , in any case , We need to operate carefully , Our lives , We must treat it with your heart .

therefore , I'm good at living ! Focus on maintaining , Authoritative evaluation , Learn about watches and talk more . You only need to , I can give it , I hope this article is still helpful