2021 excellent TDP members' output data summary is coming, come and watch!!!

Tengyun pioneer team2022-06-23 18:05:59

Tengyun pioneer 2021 Excellent year TDP The member's annual report data summary is coming ~

Welcome all developers to watch and exchange !!!

Thank you very much for your tireless contributions to Tencent cloud products , Produce high-value technical articles and videos , Answer questions enthusiastically for those in need . Your every effort will not be let down , Tengyun Pioneer has everyone's support and company along the way , Thank you for meeting ! Looking forward to 2022 year , You can create more valuable outputs , In the vanguard of Tengyun, it shines and heats up , Be the brightest star !

​ All members of the Tengyun pioneer operation team work together with everyone to build a better TDP!

PS: At the same time, you are also welcome to join the Tengyun pioneer family , Technical exchange here 、 Interactive communication of Tencent cloud product information , You can also enjoy more benefits by participating in activities !

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