Dydx "escape" Ethereum

Block rhythm2022-06-23 18:05:42
This may be the first time , A famous Ethereum native in the industry DeFi Application selection escape .

6 month 23 Japan ,dYdX Announce that it will be transferred to Cosmos ecology , Will be based on Cosmos SDK Develop custom application chain , And in the coming dYdX V4 Implementation of migration in version . This may be the first time , A famous Ethereum native in the industry DeFi Application selection escape .

founder Antonio Your words are meaningful :「 When selecting a chain , I don't think people should think about what kind of users are on this chain , Instead, think about what kind of product experience the chain can achieve .」

The application layer has suffered from Ethereum for a long time , As early as last year 11 month ,dYdX founder Antonio He has publicly questioned the efficiency improvement of Ethereum on twitter , It has been revealed in his speech that he is considering dYdX Transfer to another chain .

Antonio Think , For many years between , Ethereum is lack of achievements in technology implementation , and dYdX The goal is to be 「 Ten times the current size 、 And can compete with the centralized trading platform in terms of experience 」 Of DEX.

all the time ,Antonio Show yourself as a product manager in the industry ,dYdX As the earliest DeFi One of the project , Long term commitment to the development of mobile applications , And try to make the decentralized application (Dapp) Go into the mass market . In the migration announcement ,dYdX mention , The team is not satisfied with the present 10 pen / second Trading speed and 1000 Time / Second order / Cancel performance , The capacity expansion needs to build a centralized order matching system under the chain , This is related to dYdX The positioning of decentralized transactions does not match . therefore , stay V4 in dYdX A decentralized chain order system will be built , Both performance and concept .

But only because Ethereum ecology is really not enough dYdX What's the need for ? The community thinks Antonio The reasons behind the decision may be more complex and multifaceted .

encryption KOL polynya Express , Technically speaking ,dYdX V4 Required chain performance ,Rollups Can be realized . Therefore, the decision may be made out of consideration of chain sovereignty and timing . First ,rollup Technology is too late , Not ready for prime time ; secondly , There is not enough demand in the industry to demand rollup. in addition , Use dYdX As an ecological Token There may be safety and sustainability problems in the chain .

Regarding this ,Antonio Response Road , Migration does have the consideration of chain sovereignty ,dYdX Monopolizing a chain will make it easier for the protocol to recover from vulnerabilities ( Bifurcate ). In terms of security , The initial stage of the new chain will control the number of nodes to ensure security .

in the light of rollup technology ,Antonio For rollup Take a pessimistic attitude towards future expansibility improvement ,「dYdX It's now rollup The largest dapp, Know too well rollup 了 .」

Encryption Analyst @EffortCapital Express ,dYdX As DeFi OG choice Cosmos The impact of this event should not be underestimated . Other encryption KOL They are not optimistic about this decision because they do not understand Cosmos ecology .

Besides ,Chainlink Community Ambassador @ChainLinkGod and Cosomos Ecological developers Zaki And others welcomed and looked forward to the migration .

Solidity developer 0xTomoyo From a technical point of view, the reasons for migration are analyzed in depth . At present dYdX The order book is run on the centralized server under the chain ,L2 Only used to settle matching transactions . In theory, they could be L2 Build an order book with memory on , But such tools do not exist at present . therefore ,dYdX Choice in Cosmos Build a new chain , Each verifier runs a memory order book . In this way, the protocol can be further decentralized .

StarkNet cofounder @TobbyKitty To be frank , Migrate to Cosmos The biggest reason is to make dYdX Token Run the validation node on the new chain , Lock in the value of the agreement , But in L2 Not on the .

Last , Should this decision, which is widely questioned by the community, be handed over to dYdX DAO To vote ,Antonio Respond ,「DAO The decision will be voted on . This is just the software that the company is developing , The protocol may or may not be used .」

The protocol layer pushes the developer friendly workload to Layer2,Layer2 Next to it Infura、InfStones Wait a lot API provider 、 Node service providers , The development work has been in the process of ecological accumulation for many years , It is getting easier and easier , Still more and more difficult ? It's not hard to feel ,Antonio I am tired of following the rhythm of Ethereum again and again .

It is an ecological breeding application , Or we should use feedback to feed the ecology , It is not the case that the east wind overwhelms the west wind , Different aspects of contradictions in different periods lead to the development of things .

It's just dYdX Tell us about , In the present time , Rather than arguing who is Layer2 Boss , Maybe we should listen to the voice of the product managers .

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