Biden snubbed musk? On his first day in office, he privately asked Tesla for help

Message display , On Biden's first day in office , His government contacted Tesla , Thus, the negotiation between federal officials and relevant companies in the electric vehicle industry began . In the following months , The two sides held a series of meetings on renewable fuel policy reform .

The early and extensive contacts launched by the Biden administration show that , Expand US renewable fuel standards (RFS) The scope of the , Make it a tool for electric vehicles in the United States , It is one of Biden's priorities to deal with climate change . Renewable fuel standards go back to 2005 year , It's a federal program , Transportation fuels sold in the United States are required to contain a minimum amount of renewable fuels . So far, , It mainly subsidizes ethanol made from corn .

meanwhile , The initiative of the White House to contact Tesla also shows that , Although Biden and Tesla founder Elon · musk (Elon Musk) In an open fight , But Biden's team has long tried to involve Tesla in the promotion of one of its key policies . Biden has set a goal : stay 2030 Of all the new cars sold in , Half are zero emission vehicles .

Help Tesla

According to documents ,2021 year 1 month , On the morning of Biden's swearing in as president of the United States , EPA staff Dallas · Burkholder (Dallas Burkholder) To Lohan, Tesla's top lobbyist · Patel (Rohan Patel) Sent an email , Ask for a meeting , Discuss how to include electric vehicles in the renewable fuel standard . The record shows , They arranged a meeting a week later .

Since then, , The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Tesla on this topic 、 A group waste management company representing biogas producers 、Republic Services as well as ChargePoint Holdings Wait for the charging station company to hold more meetings . Message display , EPA also worked with climate advisor Ali · Zaidi (Ali Zaidi) When the White House staff held at least one meeting , Discuss reform .

The White House led by Biden has been firmly supporting the electric vehicle industry , The hope of coping with climate change is to put more electric vehicles on the road . In the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed last year , Yes 75 Billion dollars for the new electric vehicle charging station , Biden is also seeking to reinstate tax credits that have expired , To help consumers buy new cars .

Early indications , The government is inclined to introduce a regulation in favor of Tesla and other automakers , Let them make the most of what is called “ Electric renewable energy identification number ”(e-RINS). But people in the industry say , The reform may also extend subsidies to related industries , Such as car charging companies and landfills that supply renewable biogas to power plants .

People familiar with the matter say , Tesla is seeking to revise the renewable fuel standard , So that it can obtain renewable fuel credits according to the kilowatts or similar indicators driven by the car . Tesla also studied cooperation with biogas producers , So that they can have influence in any market created by the new regulations .

even so , Musk also has frequent disputes with the White House , He once severely criticized Biden on twitter . This year, 2 month , After musk complained many times about being ignored , Biden publicly acknowledged Tesla's role in electric vehicle manufacturing .

The EPA said , During the policy evaluation of renewable fuel standards , It is consulting “ All interested stakeholders ”. Tesla and the White House have yet to comment .( author / Xiao Yu )

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