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ICMCS2018: Big data security and privacy protection (Big data security and privacy protection)

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Big data era , People's daily life 、 routine 、 And thinking patterns are undergoing earth shaking changes . Big data has become an enduring problem in industry and academia . However , While big data brings convenience , Danger also comes quietly . In data collection 、 Storage , And in use , Personal information is at risk of disclosure , The fraudulent nature of the data also causes discrimination difficulties . How to ensure big data security and privacy protection , It is becoming one of the hot topics in today's era . This article starts with big data , Analyze the security problems , So as to Put forward strategies on big data security and privacy protection .

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Big data era , People's convenient life benefits from the vigorous development of Internet technology . Data has great commercial value for Internet service providers . However, the analysis and application of data become more complex and difficult to manage , People's privacy protection is facing unprecedented challenges . There are many reasons , For example, daily Internet access will leave a lot of traces , This gives criminals an opportunity to follow , It collects information on the Internet , Then carry out illegal activities such as resale fraud . This will bring huge economic losses , Seriously affecting social stability , Society destroys the harmonious and prosperous social situation . How to deal with big data information security and privacy , There is no time to delay !

2 Sources and characteristics of big data

Big data comes from the Internet , Researchers develop diversification models based on desired business objectives , Extract valuable information from the model , Find ways to deal with people or things in different roles . Based on the source of big data , It can be classified into three categories :1) Human data , Generated by people's activities on the Internet , Video frequency 、 Images , And the text ;2) Machine data , Various types of computers produce , With Multimedia 、 database 、GPS、 Smart home 、 In the form of documents ;3) Object data , Digital signal data collected by various digital devices during operation, such as those collected by cameras .

3 Big data security challenges

3.1 Privacy risk

People enjoy the convenience of big data , At the same time, it also faces many risks . If the data used by users cannot be well protected , Then users' privacy and data security will be directly threatened . According to different protection contents , Can be divided into anonymous identification 、 Anonymity protection and privacy protection . People's data security problem is not just a traditional personal privacy problem , It is more based on the analysis and research of people's data , And targeted prediction of people's state and behavior . for example , Retailers can compare parents' spending habits with their children's , So as to release the corresponding advertising information . Another example is to analyze the information of users publishing data on the Internet , So as to infer their interests and hobbies . at present , Many companies believe that information is processed anonymously , The information will also be released after hiding the logo . But the reality is , Privacy protection cannot be effectively achieved only through anonymity protection . for example , A company may be in 3 Use part of its search history anonymously for people to use within months . Although the identification information contained in it has been carefully processed , However, many records contained therein can be accurately located . at present , China lacks user information management regulations and a good regulatory system . If the user's security awareness is not enough , There is no doubt about the risk of information leakage .

3.2 The credibility of big data needs to be confirmed

People seem to have this idea , Although data can cause some problems , But it is true in itself . However, even if the data is filtered effectively , Fraudulent data still exist . First, criminals will deliberately fabricate the data , Refine a lie , If you analyze these data , The consequences are unimaginable . If such data is more targeted , Bad guys can create artificial information barriers , Mislead people into making wrong judgments . for example , Some websites contain false comments , Users can easily buy these inferior goods and services after seeing these false comments . therefore , Under the premise of the popularity of Internet technology , The impact of error messages is immeasurable , The security technology of filtering this information naturally faces great challenges . Second, the data may be distorted in the process of transmission . therefore , The authority and reliability of information are extremely important .

3.3 Privacy protection technology is scarce

While the information is transmitted quickly , Due to the weak supervision of data and information 、 Lack of technical support 、 Imperfect supervision system 、 Information is easy to lose , As a result, the use value of data information is not high, so as to cover up useful data . These problems will be synchronously reflected in the individual 、 Business and even social .

3.4 Threats to data security

The explosive growth of the Internet makes the mobile data security of intelligent data terminals more and more important . Today, China has the largest mobile terminal market in the world . While these intelligent terminals become a part of people's life , It also stores a lot of personal privacy data . therefore , People are facing more than just big data security , It also includes the protection of personal privacy data . Besides , With the popularity of smart home in life , Once these intelligent terminals are controlled or lost , Click on the tongue

4 Big data security and privacy protection

4.1 Comprehensive supervision of data and information on social networks

Online media is the most important platform for people to communicate , It is necessary to strengthen its supervision . First , Weighted data regulation and anonymous data on anonymous social platforms . then , Ensure personal information security , Beware of being used by bad people . secondly , Minimize filling in important personal information , Weighted self prevention awareness . Last , The government strengthens supervision and improves laws .

4.2 Improve the legal mechanism of privacy protection

At present, there is no special law to protect private information in China's law . therefore , In order to better protect the security of big data , The government needs to formulate a perfect privacy information protection law to protect citizens' personal information .

4.3 Establish a Privacy Protection Agency

It is necessary to set up a professional privacy protection organization to protect privacy affairs , Give full play to its role , Protect the privacy of citizens , Effectively crack down on violations of citizens' privacy , Build a safe and harmonious life .

4.4 Improve people's awareness and data quality

With the continuous advancement of the era of big data , The amount of data information has increased significantly . Citizens need to adapt to the changes of the times , Gradually improve data literacy and data awareness . Data literacy is mainly aimed at researchers and civil servants , Require access to Citizen Information , Able to effectively manage citizen information , Take the initiative to assume the responsibility of protecting citizens' privacy , So that citizens' privacy can be effectively protected . Data awareness is mainly for the public , Ask citizens to recognize the importance of big data , Don't publish information involving your privacy on the Internet at will , And don't just release other people's information , So as not to be used by criminals .

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