Theory of technology that must be learned by chip manufacturers (4-1) clock technology and reset Technology

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One 、 Clock technology

--GATING: A switch that controls the clock ( Logic gates are prone to burrs , Recommend special Gating Standard Cell)
--MUX : Control clock switching ( Logic gates are prone to burrs , Recommend special MUX)
--DIV : Control the frequency division of the clock
-- Crystal oscillator -> PLL -> MUX -> GATING -> DIV -> CLOCK
-- Clock definition
---- Mainly check the clock path DFF Of Timing Whether the requirements for establishment time and holding time are met
-- Clock purpose
---- Provide parameters for tool timing analysis
---- Provide a starting point for tool timing analysis (create clock/create_generate_clock)
---- Specify the relationship between clocks
--DFT Basic concepts
----DFT It is divided into ordinary tests ( The global clock is switched to test_clk To test ) And real speed test
( On the basis of ordinary tests , stay capture The phase clock switches to function Mode to test )
---- The clock without real speed test requirements passes clk_mux Realization DFT Clock switching
---- The clock with real speed test requirements passes occ_clk_mux Make a difference DFT Mode clock switching
-- Be careful
---- All clocks that require real speed testing must pass occ_clk_mux Handle , And there can only be one on the clock path occ_clk_mux, You can't take any clk_mux
-- Be careful
----DIV/MUX Must be on occ_clk_mux Before
---- The clock is generated by ccmu Unified treatment
---- Usually , Of each module occ from ccmu Modules occ_clk_mux, If there is an additional clock source inside the module
---- You need to instantiate one inside the module occ_clk_mux,ccmu The clock sent to the module does not go through ccmu Internal to the module occ_clk_mux
---- Remember that the definition point of the clock cannot be selected at clk_mux perhaps occ_clk_mux The output of the , Otherwise, it will lead to D

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