"Glass King" donated 10 billion. Fuyao University of science and technology is expected to start construction in June next year

Earlier, Cao Dewang said , Fuyao University of science and technology will learn from international advanced school running ideas , Explore innovative teaching methods , Implement misplaced school running , Focus on materials science 、 Precision instruments and equipment 、 Short board of high-end technology in manufacturing industry such as electronic information engineering , Set up professional disciplines scientifically , Build a high-level team of teachers , High standard supporting scientific research laboratory , Strive to build a new type of high-level university for applied research .

According to , Fuyao University of science and technology will adhere to a high level 、 Specialized and refined 、 Internationalization and other school running ideas ; Exploration by the Council 、 Academic Committee 、 Advisory Committee and education The new university governance model established by the Committee and other four committees .

It is planned to build a large engineering group as the core 、 Assisted by economic management discipline 、 The discipline system supported by other general disciplines such as humanities and Social Sciences ;

Preliminary setting of materials science and engineering 、 Electronic information and engineering 、 Environmental Science and engineering 、 Instrument Science and engineering 、 College of science 、 Six colleges of economics and management ;

Cultivate people with international vision 、 Innovative spirit and management ability 、 High quality applied research talents with family and country feelings ; It is proposed to set up Fuyao Scholarship Fund , Free tuition for poor students 、 Provide scholarship support .

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