It is reported that the fuselage of Xiaomi mix fold 2 will be significantly thinner and lighter

More Than This , millet MIX FOLD 2 Internal screen of 、 The external screen supports high refresh rate , Made up for the regret of the previous generation .PS: millet MIX FOLD The internal screen refresh rate is 60Hz.

On the core configuration , millet MIX FOLD 2 Will carry Qualcomm Xiaolong 8 Plus Flagship processor , This chip is Xiaolong 8 Upgraded version , Use TSMC 4nm process , Better power control .

It is reported that , Xiao dragon 8 Plus The chip uses “1+3+4” Three cluster architecture , By super large core Cortex X2、 Big nucleus Cortex A710 And small nuclei Cortex A510 form ,CPU The main frequency is 2.99GHz,GPU Minor upgrade , This will be the strongest flagship chip of the Android camp .

The aircraft will be launched in the second half of this year .

millet MIX FOLD

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