What is the relationship between bonds and stock market?

Koufu Q & A2022-05-14 19:34:58
What is the relationship between bonds and stock market ?

Take the answer 1:
The relationship between bonds and the stock market is one ebb and flow . For example, the explosive rise of the stock market , This will divert funds invested in bonds , This led to the adjustment of the bond market . And if the stock market continues to fall , Then investors will worry about risk , Instead, put money into the bond market , This will promote the overall strength of the bond market .

But the value of a stock usually depends on its fundamentals , The value of bonds will be restricted by a variety of market factors , For example, interest rate adjustment 、 Inflation, etc , So investors don't need to worry too much about the link between bonds and stocks . Welcome to communicate ! If you open an account with manager Qu, you can enjoy the Commission discount ! I wish you every success in your investment !

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