How to select a securities company to open an account?

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How to choose a securities company to open an account ?

Take the answer 1:
You can choose to open an account with a securities firm, such as regular , Good service , High rating, etc , Stock account opening nationwide 139 All the securities companies support , CICC Great Wall, a big securities firm, must be better
, It only takes a person to reach the age of 18 You can apply at the age of , Most people are satisfied

Which securities company to choose for online stock account opening ? Let's look at the following points :
1. The listed company
Select listed securities companies , First, domestic A The listing mechanism of shares is very strict , Listed securities companies explain that the strength system and company assets are OK , Listing also shows that the company's strength and investment and research ability are in the forefront , stay A There are only 49 Listed companies
Of course, among the listed securities companies, choose what they like to recognize
2. Set up the time
Choose an old securities firm , The earlier the establishment time, the stronger the background strength , Among the securities companies registered, many famous securities companies are in 90 Established when the exchange was first established in , After so many years, it is still among the best , It has strong capital and a scale that can not be underestimated
For example, CICC is a global investment bank , CITIC Ping An is a fully licensed enterprise and so on

You can open an account without saving money , You can open an empty account and go in without saving a penny . There are no restrictions on this . But I suggest you'd better deposit a dollar in your bank card , After opening an account, transfer this one dollar into the stock capital account through bank securities transfer , And then turn it out , Be familiar with the operation process of bank securities transfer

Enjoy wealth information sharing when opening an account , Make you one step ahead of others , Know the information earlier
Free account opening , Transaction costs are saved directly , Listed securities companies VIP Add... In the upper right corner of the ultra-low commission account

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