Us first quarter pure electricity sales data released: Tesla alone, accounting for more than 70%

therefore , In the case of year-on-year decline in the overall market , Pure electric cars in the US market are still very popular , And is expected to continue to grow , And the market has a high acceptance of electric vehicles of different brands .

One 、 The proportion of pure electricity in the United States rose to 4.6% Tesla account for 71.8%

According to the survey of yiborui automobile Analysis Department , The market share of pure electricity has reached a record all over the country 4.6% A new record .

among , before 10 All electric vehicle type , There are four Tesla cars (Model 3/Model Y、Model S/Model X), Three from Hyundai Motor Group ( Modern enikrypton 5、 kia 6 And Kia Jirui ). The other four models are Ford Mustang Mach-E、 nissan LEAF And the public ID.4.

so to speak , Tesla dominates the US pure electricity segment . Tesla had... In the first quarter 113882 Vehicle registration ( Year-on-year growth 59%), Share of the pure electricity market 71.8%.

Another thing worth emphasizing is , Hyundai Motor Group is also making rapid progress , Hyundai has sold 15414 Pure electric vehicle , Include 8450 Kia and 6964 Hyundai . overall , Hyundai's total sales are higher than Ford's 7407 Twice as many cars .

Two 、 The modern growth rate ranks first ID. 4 bulge 656%

The United States 2022 The first quarter of electric vehicle registration data show , In addition to sales in this quarter 113882 car ( Year-on-year growth 59%) Tesla electric car , Also sold out 44807 A pure electric car of other brands .

among , The second place is Kia , Sales of 8450 car , Year-on-year growth 735%, The growth rate ranks first among pure electric brands in the United States .

Ford pure electric also sold 7407 car , Year-on-year growth 91%. among , Wild horses Mach-E Sell out 6957 car , Year-on-year growth 80%. and F-150 Lightning is also pre sold 54 car .

The pure electric sales of modern brands have also soared 236%, Reached 6964 car . among , Modern enikrypton 5 Take the lead , Sales of 6265 car .

in addition ,ID. 4 It has also soared 656%, Sales of 2926 car . Sales of Nissan's models have also increased 23%, Sales of 4401 car . meanwhile , Jixing, which has just been on the market in the United States 2 The sales volume has also reached 2384 car .

The only decline is the sales of Chevrolet pure electricity , Declined 95%, Only 479 car .


Here are 2022 Sales of electric vehicle models in the United States before the first quarter of the year 10 name :

tesla Model Y

tesla Model 3

Ford Mustang Mach-E

tesla Model X

modern Ioniq 5

kia EV6

tesla Model S

Nissan LEAF

kia Niro

audi e-Tron

Conclusion : Hyundai and other auto companies are making efforts in the US pure electricity market

In addition to the familiar Tesla, this ranking of pure electric sales in the United States , There are also modern cars . And modern performance is also very bright , Or it is expected to compete with Tesla in the future American market .

Of course , Most of the pure electricity market is still occupied by Tesla . But the strength of these new brands should not be underestimated . in addition , Volkswagen's sales in the United States have increased significantly , It seems that DIS is really interested in the fat meat of the American pure electricity market . Except for the polar star on the list , There are many growing car companies on the list , It seems , There's not much time left for musk .

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