Ten years ago, NVIDIA was scolded by the father of Linux. NVIDIA finally opened the GPU kernel

NVIDIA also because “ Play for yourself ” The attitude of , Once attracted Linux The father of Linus Criticism , The latter in 10 At an event years ago, because NVIDIA was right Linux The lack of support expressed serious dissatisfaction with it . And left the classic “ Vertical middle finger ” Famous scene .


at present , The code of the kernel module is already in GitHub Download is available on . It is reported that , At present, there are only data centers GPU The code is fully available ,GeForce and Workstation GPU The code is still “Alpha quality ”.

Open source Linux And alien NVIDIA

The product manager Shirish Baskaran、Ram Cherukuri and Linux OpenGL Driver engineer  Andy Ritger  And Senior Product Marketing Manager  Fred Oh  In a blog post ,“ This version is moving towards improvement in Linux NVIDIA... Is used in GPU An important step has been taken in our experience , Make the driver and operating system more closely integrated , Enable developers to better debug and feedback .”

Linux It can be said to be the most famous open source operating system in the world . Because it's completely free and open source , Loved by developers . Developers can easily view the information used to create Linux Available code for the kernel , Based on this, error repair and program development are carried out . meanwhile Linux Higher stability and safety , The probability of process crash or jamming is very low . For developers ,Linux The development environment is also more friendly . In general ,Linux Is a sharing ,“ People gather firewood and the fire is high ” The platform of .

Previously, NVIDIA was more like an alien .

Compared with its strong competitors AMD stay 6 Open source was announced years ago Linux Driver. , NVIDIA's pace is obviously a little slower . Although NVIDIA has been actively involved in the development of Linux Driver. , But it has not taken the open source approach .

NVIDIA also because of its contribution to Linux Poor support , Once harvested Linux The father of Linus A middle finger and a national curse .

Linus Once in the 10 Roast NVIDIA is “ The most troublesome company we deal with .”

As a strong supporter of open source ,Linus I always hope NVIDIA can open source drive . Now his wish was finally realized ten years after the famous middle finger of NVIDIA appeared on the camera .

Open source is a small step ,Linux A big step forward

With a fully built software package and source code , Developers will be able to more easily package drivers into their software libraries . Nvida said , Launched in phases over the past year GSP After the driver architecture , This code has been used to support Turing and Ampere Series of data centers GPU Be prepared , Various workloads are tested , To ensure that with the previous in these GPU The characteristics and performance of non open source kernel drivers running on .

In terms of applicability , This open source driver and previous programs are applicable to the same firmware and user mode stack , In the 20 The department and the 30 Two different architectures GPU Upper use .

Technology media Tom’s Hardware Think , One of the main goals of NVIDIA's introduction of open source drivers is to improve support for supercomputers and large data centers , But the situation of home users is not so optimistic . According to NVIDIA , They will improve this throughout the next year .

The drivers released by NVIDIA will include previous versions of drivers and open source drivers , It is up to the user to decide which driver to use during driver installation . NVIDIA acknowledges that , Its driver is not ready to enter Linux Upstream of the kernel , But it will work with Kaiyuan solution providers Canonical、Red Hat and Suse Work together for this . NVIDIA also said , The published source code can be used as an improvement Nouveau Driven reference .

After NVIDIA announced the release of open source drivers ,Red Hat The director of the  Christian Schaller In a blog post, he said that in the past month ,Nouveau And kernel maintainers have been working with Ying Wei Da Meet .

In this post ,Christian This paper gives a detailed interpretation of the possible impact of the open source driver released by NVIDIA .

“ A large part of modern graphics drivers can be found in firmware and user space components , These are still closed source code ,”Schaller writes .

“ But it does mean that we now have a Ying Wei Da Kernel driver , It will be able to Linux The kernel uses GPL-only API, Although this initial version does not add new... Compared with the old version API.”

Schaller Add , Even if new open source drivers are built , Existing NVIDIA binary and Nouveau The driver will continue to exist .

“ In the short term , It will not have a significant impact . But over time , It provides a fundamentally simplified way to support NVIDIA hardware ,” He said .

“ In the long run , We hope NVIDIA can do the same as today's AMD and Intel equally “ Open the box ” Experience . There is still a lot of work to be done .”

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