Foreign media said that BMW will adopt cylindrical battery cells, and the cost can be reduced by another 30%

Although the cost of batteries will still be affected by the rise in the price of raw materials , But BMW still needs to develop a battery pack that can provide higher endurance , Otherwise, it will be left behind by Mercedes Benz and Tesla .

One 、 Select an existing partner to supply But profits are hard to rise

People familiar with the matter said , The new cylindrical battery will be manufactured by BMW's existing partners , But at present, the cooperation is still in the stage of internal deliberation , So I refuse to give my name .

▲ Tesla cylindrical 4680 The battery

according to the understanding of , at present , BMW from Ningde era and EVE energy 、 South Korea's samsung SDI And Swedish Northvolt Where to buy batteries , Therefore, the supplier of cylindrical battery should be one or more of these four .

People familiar with the matter also said , The energy density of the new BMW battery will be at least double-digit lower than that of Tesla's round battery , But no further details were provided . This may help BMW build electric vehicles with longer range than Tesla .

But the cost of batteries will still rise , It is difficult for the profit margin of electric vehicles to rise in a short time .

Generally speaking , Batteries generally account for four fifths of the total cost of battery packs . And with the improvement of battery technology and production efficiency , The total cost will also be reduced . however , At present, the prices of lithium and nickel, the main raw materials of batteries, have risen sharply , This also affects the proportion of battery cost in the total cost .

therefore , This also overturns carmakers' prediction that electric vehicles will soon have a profit margin similar to that of oil vehicles .

Two 、 BMW's endurance needs to be improved It is still expected to surpass Tesla

according to the understanding of , BMW won the global luxury sales champion from Mercedes Benz last year , Still trying to catch up with existing rivals in battery life .

▲ BMW i4

according to the understanding of , Mercedes Vision EQXX It's a prototype car close to mass production , It will be equipped with a battery pack as early as 2024 Used in Mercedes Benz and other compact cars . and Vision EQXX Charge once , You can drive from Germany 1000 Many kilometers , More than Tesla . It is reported that , Tesla's highest endurance model is Model 3 High-performance version ,CLTC The maximum endurance is 675 km .

At present, the model with the highest endurance of BMW is BMW i4 eDrive40 edition ,CLTC The maximum endurance is 625 km . BMW said , Will initially Neue Klasse The architecture is concentrated on all electric vehicles of medium-sized and high-end models , for example 3 Future generations of the series . The platform will be launched on 2025 Put into operation at the carmaker's new plant in Hungary , Only battery electric drive systems will be provided .

in addition , According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance 2021 Study on the price of lithium ion battery in , Last year, carmakers paid an average of... Per kilowatt hour for battery packs for pure electric vehicles 118 dollar ( renminbi 796 element ). And people familiar with the matter said , BMW's cost is already below this level . This will also help BMW make electric vehicles with longer range than Tesla .

Conclusion : BMW's electric transformation is under pressure

After BMW announced its electric transformation , Also launched a lot of new cars . But for businesses , At present, the profit margin of electric vehicles is still lower than that of oil vehicles . If you can reduce the cost of the battery or improve the profit margin , But at present, the prices of battery raw materials are rising , The cost of battery is difficult to reduce for a while .

in addition , BMW's choice of cylindrical batteries is not enough , Also need to increase battery capacity , Improve endurance , otherwise , Will lose its appeal to consumers , Lag behind your competitors .

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