I have opened a stock account. How do I handle the transaction on my mobile phone?

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I have opened a stock account , How do you want to handle transactions on mobile phones ?

Take the answer 1:
You have to download a brokerage's trading software , Then log in and operate , To open an account online, you have to find a brokerage with low commission . You can ask me to guide you to open an account , And our trading commission is lower than the market price .

Take the answer 2:
Download the APP, Login software , Funds can be transferred into the account to trade .

Contact me ! Counseling account opening , No worries in the whole process ! Interest rates are as low as 4.99%!

Take the answer 3:
Hello! , If you want to trade on mobile phone, you need to download APP Can the , You can open an account at home safely and quickly , Have your ID card and bank card ready , Super large capital customers exclusively enjoy the high-speed trading unit and choose a securities company , Download the account opening software of securities companies through the official website or app store .
If you are interested in opening an account with a low commission, please consult manager Mao online !!

Take the answer 4:
Hello! ~ Log in to your stock account , Transfer funds through bank securities transfer , Then through the transaction interface , Enter the number of shares you want to buy , You can trade stocks .

Our transaction commission cost price .

Take the answer 5:
Hello! , Stock trading account opening is more convenient to open an account on online mobile phone , You can open an account with a valid bank ID card . Before opening an account, you can learn about brokerage services and commissions ! Now open an account and ask me how you can enjoy the preferential channel of Commission .

Take the answer 6:
Download Securities app You can trade , To open an account, download the securities trading software from your mobile phone and enter your ID card and bank card into it . The backstage of the securities company will review and notify you by SMS , The process is not 20 minute . Our commission includes fees , Internal cost price !

Take the answer 7:
It has been opened. You can find the account manager's mobile phone to open a new account , It's easy to open a stock account . The sales department is closed on Saturday and Sunday , You need to pay attention to . Then prepare your ID card and bank card , Click on 〖 Accounts 〗 button .A Stock listed company , Old brand enterprise , Low commission account opening , Point my head !

Take the answer 8:
Hello! , If you want to open an account for a mobile transaction , The trading commissions of different securities companies are different , First, choose the securities company that suits you , Then prepare the second-generation ID card and your bank card, and you can open your mobile phone . Ask manager Zhang for a low commission account ! Shop around , Only manager Zhang can do !

Take the answer 9:
Hello! , You have opened a stock account to operate on your mobile phone : First, you need to log in to the account of the securities firm APP, Search the search bar for the code of the stock you want to buy , Select the number of purchases , One hand is equal to 100 stocks , Set the number of purchases according to the capital situation, and then buy . Be careful ! The official default Commission for self opened accounts is million 3 Don't enjoy low commission . The account opening process is as follows
Prepare your ID card and bank card in advance 1, Identify QR code 2, ID card, bank card and other documents shall be uploaded correctly , Then set the password 3, Video witness , Risk assessment book , Just submit the account opening application 4, Just wait for the follow-up call and SMS notification of successful account opening !

If you need to open a stock account, you can contact me to give you an ultra-low Commission , Domestic listed securities companies serve you wholeheartedly , Meet your needs , Support flush , Access letter landing , Industry ultra-low commission to you ! Find manager fan to let you invest less detours

Take the answer 10:
A brokerage is installed on the mobile phone APP You can handle it ,, Opening an account online is the same as opening an account over the counter , It's also more convenient , Just an ID card and a bank card , The process includes downloading securities companies APP、 Mobile number registration 、 Upload ID card 、 Identification information confirmation 、 video recording 、 Set the password 、 Risk assessment 、 The questionnaire survey .

If you want to save the handling fee, please contact me directly , Give you a commission discount at a favorable price !

Take the answer 11:
Hello , Look at the stock account of which brokerage you are , Which trading platforms are supported , Then download the platform on the mobile phone APP That's all right. . Opening an account strongly recommends our company !! The Commission is absolutely low !!

Take the answer 12:
In case of transaction, it's OK to contact the customer manager for learning and consultation . Securities companies are installed on the mobile phone for online stock account opening APP You can handle it , Find your ID card + A kind of bank card can choose the appropriate Commission and specific brokerage services at the same time
Our listed securities firm , The cost price Commission is directly provided to your .

Take the answer 13:
You can open an account by downloading the brokerage software from the mobile app store or the official website , Prepare your ID card, bank card and mobile phone with front camera in advance , Our expenses are absolutely low in the industry ! I hope to have the opportunity to cooperate !

Take the answer 14:
You can open an account directly on your mobile phone , Of course, it is recommended to open an account on your mobile phone , Contact the account manager to help open the account one-on-one , It's convenient and fast to open an account on your mobile phone

State owned assets background of listed securities companies , Wealth management consultant has rich experience .

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