There is a kind of hot pot called Huangcheng laoma, which has been with Chengdu people for 33 years!

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33 What was Chengdu like years ago ?

Huangcheng's mother 33 Anniversary store celebration
From the generation of Grandpa Er Tiao Mei to now , Huangcheng's mother has served three generations , Why do Chengdu people like to eat Huangcheng laoma ? As a person from Chengdu, I will tell you : Because it smells like mom , It's the taste in the depths of memory , As soon as I eat this taste, I can't help praising , It's the smell , By the way !

Time flies , Gratitude 33 Years of company

Huangcheng's mother's old shop was originally in guhuangcheng dam , For young people , This ancient imperial city dam is a place among the old population . Now the Imperial City store passes by 33 Inheritance and innovation in , Things have changed .
▲ The old look of Huangcheng's mother's old shop
▲ Huangcheng's mother · Huangcheng store
The Spring Festival is coming. , Huangcheng's mother also welcomed herself 33 Anniversary of the
birthday , Red lanterns hang high outside the store , The festive scarlet letter is pasted on the outer wall , Even people passing by can feel full of joy .
When I was a child , I like the family around the hot pot during the Chinese New Year , Eating hot dishes sandwiched in a bowl by grandparents , The mood and atmosphere are warm .
I couldn't eat spicy at that time , Eating the white pot and looking at the red pot , The mood of looking forward to growing up is like the hazy fog , Now in retrospect , Across the yarn , With a smile .
Chengdu people love the mellow taste of Huangcheng's mother during the festival , It's the people who accompany Chengdu 33 The taste of the year , Three generations in Chengdu , Tell each other , Authentic Chengdu hot pot handed down from generation to generation , There's no such thing as a classic in my heart .
1986 year ~2019 year , Huangcheng's mother accompanies 70 After marriage , company 80 Grow up and get married , Look at 90,00 Grow up later .
Now 10 I'm also growing up , They also ask their elders : So many hotpots are Chongqing hotpot , Which hotpot belongs to our Chengdu flavor ? Chengdu people will still be proud to say : We have Huangcheng's mother .

The taste in memory , The same mother's feelings

The most important thing about hot pot is the bottom of the pot , Half red soup, half white soup , Inject the excitement and warmth of a table into it , Chengdu people's warm hospitality is inherited from generation to generation .

Red soup 1986

The representative of Huangcheng's mother, Guodi , Different from the spicy and heavy mouth of Chongqing hotpot , This is after 30 Years of classic inheritance , It belongs to Chengdu hot pot faction , Hot but not dry , The more cooked, the more fragrant . After tens of millions of taste experience , Pass on from generation to generation , prolonged .

Signature white soup

Through the stick bone 、 Old duck 、 Chicken and other ingredients are carefully cooked and stewed for a long time , Every bowl of soup is delicate and smooth , Mellow and elegant . Many netizens ridiculed that Chengdu people don't eat mandarin duck pot , It's not , Mandarin duck pot is the wisdom of Chengdu people , Drink soup while washing vegetables , Scoop a bowl of soup , Two sisters do it first .
Huangcheng's mother is very strict in the selection and control of food ingredients , The beef mom chooses must have the same color , Don't have too much grease , Even size , Make sure every plate of beef is fine .
For Huangcheng's mother , Preparing dishes is also creating a valuable work of art , The selected beef can produce a flower with the skillful hands of the chef , Every swing plate is very particular .

Use a table of good dishes , Treat

Heritage classics , bring forth the new through the old , Huangcheng's mother has inherited 33 The classic dishes of the year , There are also new and innovative delicacies this year , The Spring Festival is coming. , It's perfect to entertain your beloved family with a table of good dishes .
Huangcheng mother follows 『 Never tire of eating 』 Ancient motto of , Based on the quality and health of food materials , Wide range of materials 、 Superior , Pursue the way of hotpot nourishment above taste enjoyment .
From material selection 、 machining 、 Make 、 On Modeling Design , Express Huangcheng's mother's understanding of delicious food everywhere , Embodies the 『 Health oriented Treat guests with high quality 』 My hospitality .
When you come to Huangcheng, you must eat my mother's popular dishes :

Mom's three wonders

Mom's three wonders , Beef from mom 、 Mom mutton 、 Mom chicken is made up of three giants , It can meet the needs of different delicious mouths .

Gourmet tripe

Let's talk about the favorite food of Er Tiao Mei , It's also the best hairy belly of Huangcheng's mother's house , The tripe is selected from the tripe of Yak on the Plateau , Very tight elastic teeth .

Yam tofu

Yam tofu , Cook in white soup , Bone soup juice penetrates into the inner layer through the pores of tofu , The sweet crispness of yam and the freshness of tofu are mixed together , Yam has a strong flavor , Not tired of eating for a long time .

Fat cow's brain

The marble pattern looks very good in the light , Under its high appearance value, it is absolutely delicious taste .

Broadsword waist piece

Each waist piece in the is cut very thin , Put it into the pot for about 20 It can be eaten in about seconds , The crisp and tender taste makes people can't stop eating .

Minced shrimp rolls with bamboo fungus

The second sister should strongly recommend it to you , All the bamboo fungus my mother chose were purchased fresh from Yibin, Sichuan , Minced shrimps are made by hand and stuffed into bamboo fungus , Bamboo fungus fully absorbed the soup , With each bite, you will feel the soup bursting out of bamboo fungus , Minced shrimp Q Dance between the teeth , delicious .

Recalling the old cooking smoke , Present beautiful years

Huangcheng's mother Huangcheng store is based on “ Approaching old Chengdu ” The theme of , Walk into the Imperial City store , Bamboo forest light mist , Two sisters in this quiet environment , Understand the washing of time , Recalling the beautiful years of Old Chengdu people .
Speckled shadows , I can't see the mulberry locust outside the window , But when I was a child, the heat of jumping around the stove , Always warm my childhood memory .

▲ Huangcheng store · Minchuan Hall

Minshui reflects the bright moon , Stars shine on good friends , Minchuan Hall of Huangcheng store , The back garden of Chengdu is depicted by the cruise ship by the stream and the old stove in the house . Green rose and green vine , Gao Lang Yajing , Taste hot pot in the garden , It is the exclusive romance of Chengdu people .
When young , Every new year and festival, I will accompany my grandfather to watch a Sichuan Opera , The Keyuan Hall of Huangcheng store is Grandpa's favorite place to go , Rinse the hot pot and watch the play .

▲ Huangcheng store · Keyuan Hall

The pot is full of flavors , Life in the play , When I was young, I didn't understand the sad taste of life in this play , Just think about when the big flower face on this stage will change ? When will you spit out fire ? Laughter and laughter , A happy gathering is a year .
In addition to the traditional form of hot pot , In the Shaoshi hall on the first floor of Huangcheng store , Huangcheng's mother also prepared a self-service hot pot for everyone .

▲ Huangcheng store · Shaoshi Hall

Hot pot can also be eaten by one person , I'm no longer afraid that I can't finish eating more dishes , One dish , A small dish , Take whatever you like .
▲ Huangcheng store · Shaoshiting hotpot dishes
▲ Huangcheng store · Snacks and drinks in the Shaoshi Hall
Every night 19:00 And band performances , Play the main melody of youth .
▲ Huangcheng store · Shaoshi Hall
Finished hot pot , Next, you can go to the batiao tea house on the fourth floor of Huangcheng store to have a pot of fragrant tea , Dispel fatigue and greasiness . The fragrance of books and tea , The two benefits of phase form , Half a day's leisure , Dream for ten years ……
▲ Huangcheng store · Batiao tea house
To accommodate 300 People's Old Chengdu tea house , The height 10 rice , Ecological daylighting , The bamboo shadow is whirling , The sound of birds is light and crisp , The sound of the piano curls , The fragrance of books is faint . Mother Huangcheng also prepared a tea meal with Chengdu characteristics for your delicious mouth , Whole grains , snack , Staple foods are available for a variety of reasons .

Listen to the jade sound of the ancient path , Sincerely hold the river sands

Huangcheng's mother · Jinsha store
It is located at the main gate of Jinsha Site Museum , Come out of Jinsha Museum , turn right 200m You can see the Imperial City mother . Er Tiao Mei took her friends to listen to the story of ancient Shu , Try the authentic Chengdu style hot pot again , Get to know Chengdu , it ' s a rewarding trip .
When 33 The anniversary meets the Spring Festival , Huangcheng laoma Jinsha shop is celebrated inside and outside, but it is not publicized . The simple and elegant Jinsha store looks more elegant after red embellishment , Connect the past and the present with simplicity .
“ Long in a cage , Back to nature ”, The winter sun shines on this side of the world , The two younger sisters have a trace of happiness .
Stay away from complexity , Return to peace , Wear it for thousands of years , Enter the ancient Shu Kingdom created by Huangcheng's mother for us , Characteristic air hole wall 、 Sands mask , There will always be a moment to surprise you .
It may not have gorgeous colors , But the deep feelings revealed in my bones , But let the heart go deep , Like falling leaves and returning to their roots , Found the ownership of the soul .
A foreign friend asked two younger sisters : Is the life of Chengdu people born with some Zen , Maybe. , Enjoy the gifts of life without haste , This is a slow life for Chengdu people .
Many foreign friends began to pick up their mobile phones to take photos , Every freeze frame is a nostalgia for Chengdu , Every picture is a blockbuster of life .
Just enjoy your time with your friends in Huangcheng , The happiness at the moment is not elsewhere , All in this room 、 Two person 、 three meals 、 In the four seasons .

It's a long way to go , Liuyun fire

As a native of Chengdu , When the second sister was young , I often follow my grandfather to Baihuatan Park , Night tour Qintai Road , Listen to Sima Xiangru's story , Eat Huangcheng laoma hot pot , This is the life of Old Chengdu people .
Every store of Huangcheng laoma has different stories and connotations , and
Huangcheng's mother · Qintai store
Show us what you want , Is the historical details of Old Chengdu .
Thousands of years of hard work , Several generations of peers , Fangde is a land of rivers and mountains . In the daytime, thousands of people bow their hands , At night, thousands of lights .
Chime bells and barons weave a picture of history : The wind is blowing and the moon is shining , Sima Xiangru invited all kinds of writers and writers , Talk about the wind, flowers, snow and moon , Talk about wine .
Speak and read gentleman , Warm as jade , Warm wood color , Like a steady gentleman , hide one 's candle under a bushel , Don't make it public . This is the style of Chengdu people , Inherit the Millennium , Moistening things without sound .

Delicious quality , Self help and freedom

33 Since then , Mom has been keeping pace with the times , Keep innovating , In addition to having the same hot pot form as others , A la carte buffet has also been added on the third floor of Qintai store .
In addition to hot pot dishes , There is also a buffet snack area , Drink soda 、 Dessert bread 、 Cold dishes and hot dishes are everything . Xiaohuang cake and Zimi cake are also two desserts that you must eat for your delicious mouth , It tastes soft, waxy and sweet , Eat spicy and then sweet , Life is full of flavor .
On the way to eat hot pot, I want to have a drink to relieve my boredom , Er Tiao Mei strongly recommends the special yogurt made by Huangcheng's mother , Sour and sweet and tasty , The milk is mellow and thick .
Besides Chinese desserts , Huangcheng's mother also provides you with a popular Western dessert , The delicious food changes constantly .
Different people have different tastes , But in the heart of Old Chengdu, there is a taste called : Huangcheng's mother . This is a strong stroke in the memory of every Chengdu person ,33 Years of constant ingenuity , Constant taste , It is a hot pot with Chengdu flavor .
Huangcheng's mother
33 Anniversary store celebration
Thank you all the way
Never tire of eating , Future period
future , Let's boil and tamp
Cook delicious years together

  Huangcheng's mother ( Huangcheng store )
Address : South Section 3 of the second ring road in Chengdu 20 Number
Huangcheng's mother ( Qintai store )
Address : Qintai Road, Chengdu 106 Number
Huangcheng's mother ( Jinsha store )
Address : Jinsha Ruins Road, Chengdu 3 No. with 30 Number

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