The sales volume of Nissan Xuanyi, the champion, fell a lot, and the car sales list was shuffled in April

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4 There was a large-scale decline in sales in the domestic auto market in January , Except BYD , The performance of major car companies is not ideal . therefore , Recently released by the passenger Association 2022 year 4 Monthly car sales ranking , The vast majority of models have seen sales decline in varying degrees , Even the No. 1 Nissan Xuanyi is no exception .



It was announced by the Federation 4 Monthly car sales ranking


4 month , Sales volume of Nissan Xuanyi is 26122 car , Year on year decline 42.9%, Although back to the first place , But sales are down a lot from last year . Under the general decline of sales in the domestic automobile market , Even the champion looks weak .



Nissan sylphy


As for the second place Wuling Hongguang MINIEV, As a new energy model , It also has a decline in sales , A total of 24908 car , Year-on-year decline in 6.3%, Need to know 4 In January, the new energy vehicle market still maintained a growth trend , Wuling macro light MINIEV Only second place , Obviously not like them .



Wuling macro light MINIEV


In the whole list , The most powerful is BYD's models . Although BYD Qin only ranked third , But sales have reached 23520 car , Year on year growth of up to 272.7%. Follow this trend , BYD Qin may also replace Nissan Xuanyi as the car sales champion .



Biadiqin DM-i


Bydihan, on the other hand 13406 Car sales ranked seventh , The year-on-year growth also reached 64.0%.4 month 10 Japan , The new BYD Han series has just been launched , Mixed version of Han DM-i、 han DM-p Replaced with a new powertrain , Pure electric version of Han EV Also upgraded the configuration , More fragrant for consumption , Naturally, the sales volume has also increased .



Byd han DM-i


from 1-4 In terms of monthly cumulative sales volume , BYD Qin is also the model with the largest increase in sales , Cumulative sales reached 99354 car , Year-on-year growth 554.8%, Ranked fourth . But except for it , Wuling macro light MINIEV And Toyota Camry's performance is also commendable , It is also one of the few models that have not decreased in cumulative sales .



It was announced by the Federation 1-4 Monthly car sales ranking



Toyota camry


The recent domestic epidemic has indeed had a serious impact on the whole automobile industry , And the problem of chip shortage continues in recent years , Even worse . But as the epidemic improves , The trough period is believed to be over soon , The domestic auto market will also recover slowly .

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