Fortune myth or financial trap? Beware of NFT digital collection scam

21st Century Business Herald2022-05-14 19:33:00

In recent years , Driven by the concept of meta universe ,NFT The market is heating up . There is data showing ,2020 end of the year , The global NFT Its market value is only 3.17 Billion dollars , and 2021 In the world NFT The market value has reached 168.91 Billion dollars , Year-on-year growth 4440%,2021 The annual trading volume is 176.95 Billion dollars , Year-on-year growth 21350%.

NFT(Non-Fungible Token), It refers to non homogenization pass , There are digital pictures 、 music 、 video 、3D Model 、 Digital souvenirs and other forms . It is widely known in China as “ Digital collection ”. For example, the National Museum of China has developed a digital collection with the theme of four national treasure level cultural relics, such as the four sheep bronze square statue , Users can go online “ Cloud Tour ”.

before ,NFT Many times with “ sky-high ” Trading events have caught everyone's attention . As an innovative application of blockchain Technology ,NFT In enriching the digital economy model 、 Promoting the development of cultural and creative industries shows certain potential value . But behind the fresh playing methods and the hot market , There is also all kinds of hype 、 cheat 、 Money laundering 、 Risks and hidden dangers such as illegal financial activities .

Some digital collections have been hyped up to hundreds of times the original price , If you can't find a successor, you'll lose everything ;

Fake websites and links directly invade your wallet , Steal your assets ;

Digital collection platform running , The official account was sealed , There is no way to cry ;

A private deal , Give money or not “ cargo ”, to “ cargo ” No money ;


Regarding this , To protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers 、 Maintain the healthy ecology of the industry ,4 month 13 Japan , Chinese Finance Association of Internet 、 China Banking Association 、 The China Securities Association jointly issued a circular on preventing NFT Initiatives related to financial risks , Resolutely curb NFT Financial securitization tendency , Strictly guard against the risks of illegal financial activities . And call on consumers to establish a correct consumption concept , Enhance self-protection awareness , Consciously resist NFT Speculation , Be alert and stay away from NFT Related illegal financial activities , Earnestly safeguard the safety of their own property .

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