We want to revive a world champion car!

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When Cruz first entered the Chinese market , It coincides with Chevrolet in the world-class RV race WTCC Kill everywhere , Cruz racing Meets God, kills God, meets Buddha, kills Buddha , Let many young people remember this car from now on .

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Racing gene and GM's powerful 1.6T The engine of , Give Way YYP When you start racing , Chose Cruz .

Times have changed ,9 Years have passed . cruze , You remember the passage in the maintenance area YYP Do you ?

Remember ! Echoed ! Encounter the classic early Cruz again soon after , We decided to , Use a classic Cruz , Converted into a racing car .


YYP Want to relive the Cruz car , And I happen to feel itchy and want to change the car , Mr. Yuan's car purchase fund has hardly opened . It just hit it off .

Lithography of the car's appearance , It's really not challenging for me , I'm not satisfied with this “ Potted group ”. If you want to play, play thoroughly , I want to build a car with both form and spirit .

Body modification 、 Car wide body 、 Racing draw 、 Saihua suspension and chassis , These are all easy to handle , What about the heart ? I want to keep the setting of the precursor , This is the original Cruz car , So GM's system 2.0T+9AT It became my first choice .


Put the most advanced power system , Fit into the classic body , Let them unite , It's exciting to think about it .

However, there are many difficulties in front of us , Transplant engine , And be able to work properly , In fact, there are many problems to be solved . But for my friends in the refitting circle , It's not a problem . Roll up your sleeves , Open the door !

Until you see this video today , Our car development has started in an orderly way , It will soon be complete , I've met you all . Please look forward to the final product !

Car experience —— Chevrolet   cruze
by YYP、 Yuan qicong 、 Zeng YingZhuo

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