Authority: the best medium-sized SUV in 2021! Surprised, it's these cars!

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recently , China automotive quality network released 2021 Annual medium SUV Quality charts , The starting price of all models inside is 20 All the above , A total of 24 models , The quality score is higher than the average only 16 paragraph . today , Let's give you a brief introduction to the top ten models .


  NO.1 Volvo XC60

The guided :37.39-47.49 ten thousand


Edit comment on : Volvo's good safety performance has been unanimously recognized by the majority of consumers , At the same time, the brand's concept of environmental protection is very new , It is also favored by many young consumers and even some industry elites . Volvo XC60 As a luxury medium-sized SUV, The performance is actually very comprehensive , All standard 2.0T The engine , Sub high and low power adjustment , There are also plug-in hybrid versions . The quality ranking is at the top of the list , Indeed, it does not live up to everyone's expectations .

  NO.2 Cadillac XT5

The guided :33.27-45.27 ten thousand


Edit comment on : The Cadillac brand has been popular in recent years “ No fun ”, Compared with its main sport 、 Luxury label , People prefer to associate it with some “ Entertainment ” Connect . however , In the performance of the car itself , Cadillac XT5 Really good . The appearance design is atmospheric , The interior upholstery is exquisite and has a high-level feeling , At the same time, the performance in terms of power and handling is commendable , All standard 2.0T The engine . meanwhile , The discount of this car is also considerable , Many consumers buy luxury and medium-sized products SUV The first choice for cost performance , The quality has been endorsed by the industry , I believe it can also make consumers more determined to choose it .

  NO.3 GAC Toyota hanlanda

The guided :25.88-34.88 ten thousand


Edit comment on : Toyota's quality and reliability are well-known , Although the new Highlander has been on the market for a short time , However, its reputation for quality and reliability is still unanimously recognized by the market . As a medium-sized household SUV Benchmarking , Hannanda's performance is indeed quite comprehensive , At present, the whole department is equipped with 2.5L Hybrid system , The fuel version will be launched later , Space 、 Configuration and other aspects of performance are commendable , And sales have been high , Like friends can start as soon as possible .

  NO.4 faw - Volkswagen Audi audi Q5L Sportback

The guided :42.68-49.99 ten thousand


Edit comment on : audi Q5L It is a medium-sized luxury with high heat SUV, But this is Q5L Sportback The version is relatively less concerned , Or this kind of car running style SUV The audience is relatively small . The quality reputation of Audi brand has always been good , Especially in mechanical parts . This car is all equipped with 2.0T The engine , Low power 190 horsepower , High work 252 horsepower . The dynamic interior and exterior design also makes many young people salivate , However, the practicability is relatively weak .

  NO.5 Beijing Benz Mercedes GLC

The guided :37.81-40.3 ten thousand


Edit comment on : Different from the previous brands , Mercedes Benz has had a lot of quality problems in recent years , We've seen a lot of news, big and small . however , Mercedes GLC This car seems to be able to survive , And the car owners will really have less complaints about the quality problems related to this car . It's just , Mercedes GLC Although the positioning is medium SUV, But its spatial performance is really general . In terms of power, the whole series is equipped as standard 2.0T The engine , But the power performance of the low-power version is not strong . If you don't care too much about Mercedes Benz brand , Other luxury brand models may be more cost-effective .

  NO.6 Chang'an Lincoln The navigator

The guided :32.76-45.66 ten thousand


Edit comment on : As mentioned earlier, other luxury brand models will be more cost-effective , Lincoln Navigator came . No matter what the design of this car is 、 Space 、 Power or configuration performance, I think the cost performance is very good at this price . The exquisite and advanced sense of design is very in line with our Chinese aesthetic , In terms of power, the whole series is equipped as standard 2.0T, Low power versions have 245 horsepower ,4.85 The length of meters can also ensure good space performance . what's more , There is also a certain guarantee in terms of quality , You can consider .

  NO.7 faw - Volkswagen Audi audi Q5L

The guided :36.84-45.13 ten thousand


Edit comment on : Compared with the previous Q5L Sportback, Regular version Q5L More popular with consumers , The sales volume has always been among the best in the same level . In addition to its own atmosphere 、 The advanced design has attracted everyone's attention , Good spatial performance is also the basis for its application as both commercial and household vehicles . Power is not a bright spot , and Q5L Sportback Use the same Powertrain , But because this car doesn't have too many sports attribute labels , So this power level is actually acceptable to most consumers , And its terminal discount is not low .

  NO.8 Chery Land Rover Evoque aurora

The guided :38.98-47.58 ten thousand


Edit comment on : Strictly speaking , Range Rover is only a compact model of evoque SUV, But because of its price , The government still lists it as medium SUV. People used to say “ A badly repaired land rover ”, It's true that old Land Rover models are prone to some small problems . however , In recent years , It seems that Land Rover has not reported any major quality problems . Range Rover evoque performs well in terms of design and power , If it is used as a luxury scooter, it is completely OK , But if you care about practicality , This car may not be suitable for .

  NO.9 Saic gm buick Leon coldwell

The guided :20.99-30.99 ten thousand


Edit comment on : Buick's reputation for quality has always been good , Neither the materials used in the car body nor the reliability of other parts have had too much problems . Yes, of course , The biggest problem with Buick models is fuel consumption , Including this oncoway . But from the power 、 Space 、 Configuration and other practical performance , The oncoway is really a very good car , Comprehensive strength is very strong , Combined with high terminal discounts , The cost performance of this car is actually very obvious . If you are interested , You might as well consider .

  NO.10  Chery Land Rover Discover sports

The guided :35.68-45.58 ten thousand


Edit comment on : Very unexpected , I have been roast by everyone before “ It can't be repaired well ” Land Rover brand , It's on the list this time 2 models . Although Land Rover Discovery sport is officially positioned as medium-sized SUV, But in fact, the size is not much larger than the range rover evoque , The space practicability is also relatively general . however , All standard 2.0T The maximum power of the engine is 249 horsepower , Really good performance . Yes, of course , To choose a luxury brand, we must be able to accept the slot points with low cost performance , If 30 Wanzuo wants to buy a relatively practical Land Rover model , Then I found that the sports version is really a good choice .


  At the end

The above is the recent release of China auto quality network 2021 year 24 Mid size SUV Quality ranking of . however , This does not mean that the models on the list will not break , It only shows that this car is relatively , The probability or quantity of quality problems will be less , When you buy a car, you can use this result as a reference , Especially consumers who intend to buy used cars . We will continue to pay attention to , We will synchronize the updated list information to you in time , Coming soon !


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