What are the stocks beginning with 87?

Koufu Q & A2022-05-14 19:31:44
87 What is the initial stock ?

Take the answer 1:
87 The first stock is the new third board stock .

according to the understanding of , As early as 2016 year 11 month , Because the first two digits of the common stock of the listed company are 83 All the securities code numbers at the beginning have been allocated , After that, the common stock of the company to be listed that has newly applied for listing or the company that has applied for listing but has not assigned a securities code , Then enable 87 The securities code number segment at the beginning .

in addition , The stock code of the new third board is 8 start , Shanghai Stock Market 60 start , Shenzhen market 00 start , Gem is 30 start . Please call me whenever you open an account ! If you open an account with manager Qu, you will be given a commission for applying for transfer !

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