What is the online handling process of futures and what materials need to be prepared in advance

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What is the online process of futures , What materials need to be prepared in advance

Take the answer 1:
In the Internet era, mobile software can handle futures accounts remotely , All you have to do is 15 About minutes , You can trade as early as that night . Just have your ID card ready 、 Bank card 、 Handwritten signature , Due to the need for video , Please choose a place with excellent network environment .

in addition , The most important thing we care about when opening an account online is security 、 There are two aspects of transaction rates —— therefore , It is suggested to directly choose the futures companies of the old central enterprises in the forefront , Such companies have a large number of customers 、 Low commission 、 use CTP System 、 More stable transactions 、 There are also excellent teams that provide professional daily internal reference !! Contacting the account manager before opening an account can greatly reduce the handling fee .

Specific requirements for futures account opening 、 The process is as follows :
1、 Over the age of 18 One year old ——65 One year old , Non futures practitioners *
2、 Have your ID card ready , Bank savings card , Personal signature photo *
3.、 Mobile download futures company APP Sign up and log in , Or log in to the futures account cloud *
4、 Fill in the information , Risk assessment questionnaire ( cell-phone number , Verification Code )*
5、 Futures company video certification , Install digital certificate ( Real name authentication is required )*
6、 Account down , Bank signing , Trading can be carried out as early as that day and night *

attach ,2022 The latest exchange handling fee standard in ( Contact me to send you a complete fee form )
About the handling fee , Be sure to find a major , Responsible account managers can be significantly reduced , Your direct account will be opened by default 3-5 Times higher standard charge , Such as corn 1.2 element \ hand , Opening your own account is 3.6-6 yuan \ hand , It's very uneconomical !

Low commission futures account opening contact me , Account managers of the top ten central enterprises , Greatly reduce your handling fee !!
In the long run, considerable transaction costs will be saved !!
Fully independent CTP、 Professional follow-up services !

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