What does A-share 3000 mean?

Koufu Q & A2022-05-14 19:31:29
A stocks 3000 What does the dot mean ?

Take the answer 1:
A stocks 3000 Point refers to the market index , Mainly reflect A The share price trend of shares .A stocks 3000 The position above the point is the reasonable valuation area of the stock market , And in the 3000 Below the point , It shows that the market is undervalued , It shows that the stock market is not healthy at present . if A Shares below 3000 spot , It will limit the financing function of the stock market , It will also hurt investor confidence .

however A stocks 3000 A point is just data , The most important thing in the stock market is popularity and capital , As long as investors have confidence , The situation of sharp rise or fall can be restrained . Open an account and ask me to meet your needs , You can enjoy Commission discount by opening an account !

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