Comfortable at home and strong off-road, aokangda these three all-round SUVs are loved by men!

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The function is all ready , The scene is widely used, which is a high chassis SUV Real opening mode . It can not only travel with the whole family in peace of mind and comfort , It allows you to cope with bad enough road conditions and help you get out of it , Both home and off-road , Such omnipotence SUV Men don't know how to refuse . Today, we introduce aokangdari , Three of them are highly recommended SUV, See if there's anything you like .  

2020 paragraph Discover movement L4 249PS R-Dynamic HSE Deluxe Custom Edition

Licensing time :2020-09

Mileage ( about ):7580 km

displacement :2.0T

The car :32.50 ten thousand   Servicing fee 6500 element

 picture 2.png Don't choose Audi easily Q5L And Lexus NX, Because it is very likely to miss Land Rover Discovery sport, which is both luxurious and versatile SUV. The new discovery uses a new architecture , It increases the rigidity of the vehicle and reduces the noise and vibration during driving , More high-grade leather and wood grain trim panels are added to the cabin to make it look more luxurious .

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At the same time, discovery also uses the second generation terrain response system , Let the Land Rover family be good at their off-road skills . all-wheel-drive 、2.0T matching 48V Light mixed system 、 British treasure sound 、7 A model , Civilized driveway keeping 、 All the auxiliary lines are available , To create an all-round luxury medium-sized SUV Discovery sport , Achieve its R & D objectives at a high level . At present, aokangda is selling this model for only about 7580 km , The price of quasi new cars only needs 32.5 ten thousand , It's much cheaper than a new car. It's very recommended .


2020 paragraph Grand Cherokee Professional navigation version

Licensing time :2020-09

Mileage ( about ):22507 km

displacement :3.0

The car :36.30 ten thousand   Servicing fee 7260 element

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Few automobile manufacturers can combine off-road ability with daily household use , Besides Land Rover, the high standard also belongs to Jeep. The Grand Cherokee is stronger than Land Rover in terms of style SUV,3.0L V6 Naturally aspirated engine 、 Equipped with full-time 4WD system 、 Air suspension (95mm Body height adjustment )、 Central differential with locking function , Let this Grand Cherokee have Selec-Terrain Terrain configuration system , With automatic 、 The snow 、 sand 、 Mudland 、 Rocks 、 Seven driving modes of economy and sports .  

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In the face of hard core driving ability , The Grand Cherokee is also valuable in creating a sense of luxury in the cockpit . Active noise reduction 、ALPINE 9 Speaker sound 、 Rear seat heating, tire pressure display and other functions . As a luxury off-road vehicle in the main city , The price of the new car is as high as 52.99 Wan is really not a cost-effective choice , But in aokangda, it's only about 22507 Kilometers 2020 Grand Cherokee The professional navigation version only needs 36.3 ten thousand , In such hardware and configuration functions , This Grand Cherokee has a very high cost performance .

2018 paragraph Stay happy In the Middle East 2 gas XE edition

Licensing time :2018-12

Mileage ( about ):22922 km

displacement :4.0

The car :43.50 ten thousand   Servicing fee 8700 element

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powerful 、 The space is large 、 It is comfortable to ride, and it can also carry the whole family, old and young , Occasionally, I can let myself go to the countryside for cross-country fun , It's basically a true portrayal of Nissan Tule . Aokangda is selling this model, which is also aimed at this scene , Specially refitted the boarding and alighting pedals 、 Massage seat 、 Hot and cold ventilated seats 、LED Light source upgrade 、 Mahogany interior 、 Panoramic camera 、 Refitting the stereo and so on , This car has been greatly upgraded in terms of all-round comfort and luxury .  

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Inherit Nissan's big sofa comfort and VQ Series engine NVH performance 、 Dynamic response and timeliness , It has the characteristics of Japanese premium cars , This modified Nissan Tule will be more worth choosing than ordinary Toyota hegemony . all-wheel-drive 、 Multiple driving modes are optional 、 Rear axle differential 、 The central locking differential is available , Off road weapon . At present, aokangda is in hand. This is 2018 Nissan Tule Middle East 2 gas XE edition , Driving for about 22922 km , The price only needs 43.5 ten thousand , Get higher configuration and more luxurious Nissan Tule . Elated , Welcome to aokangda to taste .

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