Don't go to the 4S store again in summer. After reading this article, you can change the filter element manually!

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Spring and summer alternate , This is the time , It is the season with the most catkins on the road , If you want to change the air conditioning filter element , So after spring , Before summer comes , It's a good time to change   

Share today , How to manually replace the air conditioning filter element of Ford Mondeo , Save you a sum of money 4S The cost of manual work !

It is suggested that the air conditioning filter element should be purchased from tmall's official flagship store , Although the price will be more expensive than Taobao , But the overall quality will not be poor , The after-sales guarantee system is also relatively perfect

Position of air conditioning filter element , Under the glove box of the co pilot , Remove the air outlet trim panel shown in the figure below , All in all 3 Two buckles , It is suggested to be light and slow , Dig down

Pull it out and you can see the position of the three clips

Then the trim panel on the right , Take it down in the same way

Then you need to remove the glove box , All in all 4 Two screws , Are in a more obvious position , Just screw the screw down slowly

There are also two screws on the side , At first I couldn't find , You can use a flashlight to look for

After taking it all off , You can pull out the baffle of the glove box as a whole

After taking off the glove box , Inside this cover plate is the air conditioning filter element , Below is the blower

There are two screws on the right side of the cover plate , All need to be screwed down

After that, just take out the old air conditioning filter element , I suggest you slow down , Do not tear the filter element

Place the new filter elementarrow downwards , Insert into the air-conditioning box

Finally, screw back all the screws removed before , Even if the air conditioning filter element of the car is replaced

If you are skilled in the whole process , Less than 10 Minutes to go , Just flowers 10 Minutes of time , You can save yourself hundreds of dollars , Such a good way , Why don't you put it away

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