Google CEO Pichai talks about US inflation, contrarian development and Musk's privatization of Twitter

The US economy is worried

“ Like everyone else , We must also see the uncertainty of the future .” Pichai was at Google on Wednesday I/O In an interview with the media at the developer conference, he said ,“ The advantage is , Our company has developed for a long time . We've been through 2008 year , Also experienced the initial stage of the epidemic , So take a long view .”

He also predicted that , The American economy “ It takes time to solve ” current qualcomm Inflation .

“ The reason for facing uncertainty , There are many different factors involved , Including supply chain issues , Including rising energy prices .” Pichai said .

“ I do think the situation in some industries has eased .” He specifically mentioned Tourism ,“ But other new areas are starting to go wrong , Maybe it's because the supply chain is limited …… Energy prices are also a problem . In some places , Rents and food prices have risen .”

NASDAQ About to hit 2008 The highest quarterly decline since , At that time, the U.S. economy was experiencing a housing crisis . Data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on Wednesday showed that , The United States 4 Of the month CPI rose 8.3%, Not only higher than expected , Even close to 8.5% Of 40 The highest level in .

Worried about inflation and rising interest rates , Causing investors to sell stocks , Buy safer assets to avoid risk . Affected by this , Google parent Alphabet The stock price has fallen about this year 22%, The whole science and technology sector cannot escape the decline .

Alphabet stay 4 The latest profit announced at the end of the month was lower than analysts' expectations , This is mainly because the entire digital advertising industry is facing an adverse situation in the first quarter , Lead to YouTube The performance is significantly lower than expected . The company's executives pointed out that , In the conflict between Russia and Ukraine 2 After the outbreak in January ,YouTube Advertising revenue in Europe began to decline .

“ Obviously , When your advertising business is all over the economy , image GDP Many of these macro factors will eventually have an impact on advertisers' spending .” Pichai said .

He said , The economic outlook is not bleak . according to Alphabet Chief commercial officer Philips · Schindler (Philipp Schindler) Last month's comments , Pichai pointed out that , People are moving again , This is an important signal for Google's core advertising department .

“ We do see a recovery in Tourism .” Pichai said ,“ There are signs , People began to flow after the pandemic , So it began to return to normal . But the uncertainty is that there are many factors , For example, the supply chain or the rise of energy prices . So after taking these into account , Still face an uncertain environment .”

Contrarian investment development

Pichai pointed out that , The company's technology investment is the key to keeping its business strong in a weak economic environment , And there is no sign that Google plans to slow hiring or shrink its business in one area .

“ We want to remain resilient in such an environment . The opportunities ahead are exciting . So we keep investing , Continue recruitment , Introduce excellent talents . Other areas are undergoing long-term transformation , Such as cloud computing and digital transformation . So we will continue to invest .”

Despite economic uncertainty and market turmoil , but Alphabet Or increase the R & D investment in the first quarter year-on-year 22%, achieve 91 Billion dollars .

He also noted that , The company's diversified business composition is an important source of its strong performance .

“ We invested in basic technology , Involved in many fields . So in some ways , We are a diversified enterprise . Obviously , We have search and YouTube And other important products . We also have Android、Play And hardware devices . Cloud computing also brings great opportunities . So I think we are involved in many fields . We are globally involved in these areas as a company , This allows us to look at these stages in the long term .”

Google on Wednesday I/O At the developer conference, the new smart mobile phone , It also shows the augmented reality technology that can use artificial intelligence technology to translate speech into text in real time and display it on the screen .Facebook parent company Meta and Microsoft Also developing augmented reality devices .

In a fast-growing market , Google must invest to keep up with its competitors , Especially in short video services TikTok The rising moment , The latter is popular among young people . Google responded to TikTok And launched YouTube Shorts It's growing fast , By 4 The daily observation at the end of the month exceeds 300 100 million times ,1 There was only 150 100 million times .

“ We must respond to user needs .” Pichai said ,“ We are trying to provide users with the best experience , So there's a drive to improve the product .”

He also mentioned Snapchat、Pinterest Products such as ,“ These things didn't even exist a few years ago ”, And smartphones and mobile ecosystems are creating all kinds of new opportunities .

“ We are always flexible , Must adapt to the environment , I feel like this when I come to work every Monday .” He said .

About Twitter Privatization

Pichai also talked about how to balance freedom of speech and content censorship on the Internet , This is because Elon · musk (Elon Musk) Recently on Twitter The acquisition of has aroused renewed attention .

“ I grew up in a huge democracy , Freedom of speech and getting people to speak are very important , I think this is the fundamental problem .” Pichai, who was born in India, said ,“ Search represents the content on the web today , We will only delete illegal content .”

He added :“ stay YouTube In products like this , We will provide suggestions to users , Will amplify the influence of content , Community codes will also be developed . So we have a very clear policy . We will also take some action . This actually maximizes freedom of speech , It can create a safe environment for everyone on the platform .”

He also mentioned the company's content review method :“ I think people must feel transparent . There are many ways to achieve this . such as , We issued a community code , Or in the search business , We also publicly disclosed how to evaluate search quality .” He added ,“ I think it's important to let spammers and others who try to bypass product regulations fail .”

Talking about Musk's right Twitter At the time of acquisition , Pichai said :“ I am a Twitter Of the fanatical users of . I think it is a very important product for the whole world . I got a lot from it . It's valuable to make a long-term investment in him …… This is important , Because it plays an important role in a democratic society …… I want to see this product get better and better .”

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