Anglo American launched the world's largest hydrogen driven mine car

Based on BMW 760Li Made of luxury cars Hydrogen 7 Pick up a 6.0 Ascending V12 The engine , It uses both gasoline and hydrogen .

meanwhile , Japanese auto giant Toyota is another company that has launched hydrogen fuel vehicles . The company launched Mirai FCEV( Fuel cell electric vehicles ). If you live in California 、 Hawaii or where hydrogen stations are popular , So this excellent rear drive hydrogen car is a reliable choice . in addition , Toyota is also working on hydrogen fueled internal combustion engines , It even drives a corolla hatchback prepared for the track to race .

actually , Hydrogen technology is also suitable for commercial and industrial applications . Anglo American, a South African mining company (Anglo American) Recently launched the world's largest hydrogen driven mine transport truck . When Toyota proved that hydrogen could be used in the smallest remote-controlled toy car for future consumers , Anglo American is using hydrogen technology for huge industrial applications .

know nuGen 2 MW Hydrogen battery hybrid truck

Anglo American resources are huge 2 MW The hydrogen battery hybrid truck is the company nuGen Zero emission transport solutions (ZEHS) The product of , It's the group FutureSmartMining Part of the sustainable mining initiative . Anglo American CEO Duncan Wandblad Express :“ The mining industry plays a considerable role in helping the world decarbonize , This is through both our own emissions footprint and the metals and minerals we produce , These are critical to low-carbon energy and transportation systems .”

By following ENGIE、First Mode、Ballard and NPROXX And other technology companies , Anglo American will be a 200 The 10000 kW hybrid battery and hydrogen fuel cell power plant are refitted into a diesel powered mining transport vehicle . Fuel cells provide half the power for trucks , The other half comes from a huge battery pack , The battery pack recovers power from braking .

According to Anglo American , A typical hydrogen fuel cell vehicle mixes hydrogen fuel with oxygen and uses platinum as a catalyst to produce a chemical reaction . The electric energy generated by this reaction provides power for the motor , This causes the wheels to turn , The only emission is water vapor .

Qualification of bulldozer

nuGen Mining vehicles have 290 Tons of payload . in addition , It also has one 1.2 MWh The battery pack .nuGen Fuel cells that can be produced by trucks and trucks 800 Kilowatt power . If you calculate , The truck has a 1200 kWh The battery , It's about 15 A modern Ioniq 5 The battery pack , This is a big number . But then again , This means that a lot of power is needed to move the weight more than 15,400 pounds (7,000 kg ) The vehicle of .

according to the understanding of ,nuGen Trucks will be self-sufficient . The project includes a fully integrated green hydrogenation station , And the company will also use Africa's largest electrolyzer and solar cell array to produce green hydrogen on site . According to Anglo American ,nuGen Trucks will soon join the company's open-pit platinum mine business . The company plans to use nuGen Hydrogen trucks replace its diesel driven mining truck fleet , To eliminate the large amount of diesel emissions associated with their workplace . in addition , Anglo American added , It is currently owned by 40 A fleet of diesel mining trucks can consume up to one million litres of diesel fuel a year .

Wandblad Express :“ Over the next few years , We envisage converting or replacing our current fleet of diesel powered trucks with this zero emission transportation system fueled by green hydrogen . If this pilot is successful , Then we can eliminate diesel emissions from our open-pit mines by up to... By promoting this technology in our global fleet 80%.”

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