What does it mean to send 40 yuan for 10 shares?

Koufu Q & A2022-05-14 19:29:39
10 Stock faction 40 What does yuan mean ?

Take the answer 1:
10 Stock faction 40 Yuan refers to stock dividends , Every investor holds 10 Stock only , Listed companies will issue 40 A dividend of yuan to investors . In addition, according to the regulations , Tax deduction is required if the shareholding is less than one year . So when investors hold shares for less than a year , The dividend is definitely lower than 40 yuan . After tax 32 element , Then the actual dividend received is calculated as 32 Meta computation .

And ex rights and ex interest after dividends , The total assets of investors have not changed , It's equivalent to the money invested before , Each share is returned to investors 4 element . Our company is a regular large listed securities firm , So the cost is open and transparent , You can open an account at ease ! The Commission is very low !

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