What stocks start with 001?

Koufu Q & A2022-05-14 19:29:35
001 What stocks start with ?

Take the answer 1:
001 The beginning is the Shenzhen stock version of the stock , Generally speaking, the stock of Shenzhen main board is 000 At the beginning . But there are two stock code upgrades , use 001 start , They are 001696 Zongshen power 、001896 Yuneng holding . Although the codes of these two stocks are 001 start , But the trading rules 、 Time is all about 000 The initial stock is the same .

You can buy and sell these two stocks normally , The number of stock code will not have any impact on stock trading . Our company is an old listed securities firm ! Ultra low commission fee !! Open an account with me and give it all to the end !

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