Can individual futures accounts be opened on-site?

Koufu Q & A2022-05-14 19:29:31
Can individual futures account opening be handled on-site ?

Take the answer 1:
Hello! , Individual customers can handle door-to-door account opening business . You can make an appointment with your account manager , Prepare relevant materials and wait for door-to-door business , Timely door-to-door account opening is actually handled through online account opening , The presence of the account manager may be more efficient than personal fumbling to open an account .
Online account opening process :
1、 Valid ID card 、 Bank savings card
2、 The mobile phone downloads the futures account opening cloud in advance APP
3、 Registered account - Fill in the account opening information
4、 The appropriateness assessment needs to reach C4 magnitude (C3 Unable to apply for the opening of specific varieties in the later stage of grade )
5、 Video verification ( I need to hold my certificate )
6、 Set up digital certificate ( You will need this password to handle other business later , Keep in mind )
7、 Submit an account opening application ( Submit the application on the same day , The next trading day can be used for deposit operation )
If you open your own futures account , The account opening process may be unfamiliar, and the rate is the default standard and non preferential after successful account opening , Therefore, it is recommended that you contact a professional customer service manager to help you guide the account opening process and subsequent related business handling before opening an account .

If you haven't found the account manager yet, please click the avatar to add wechat consulting related business .

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