How much is the handling charge for closing positions within a futures day?

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How much is the handling charge for closing positions within a futures day ?

Take the answer 1:
Hello! , The handling charges of futures companies can be adjusted by contacting the account manager when opening an account , Generally, it is appropriate to add a part on the basis of the exchange , Generally, it is mainly divided into fixed value and ratio value , The handling fee for closing positions within a day is a discount for some varieties , Some are not preferential , You can contact the account manager to explain to you

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Fixed value : Exchange standard ( Can't change )+ Futures companies charge ( You can adjust )= The actual handling fee , Fixed value means to charge several pieces per hand .

Ratio value : The ratio value is the same as the handling fee of the stock , It belongs to a few ten thousandths , These are also exchange regulations .

For example, the exchange has preferential policies for some futures varieties , For example, rebar can be closed within a day for free , But there is a charge for opening and closing during overnight trading , Then you can do more intraday trading , Reduce overnight Trading , It can also reduce the collection of handling charges to a certain extent .

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Hello! , There are two types of futures closing , They are intraday closing and non intraday closing , Non day closing is also called overnight closing . Some futures varieties, no matter what kind of closing method they take , The handling charges are the same . But there are some varieties that close their positions within the day and overnight , The handling charges are different . For example, vegetable oil futures , Opening fee per hand 2 element , Overnight close each hand 2 element , If the position is closed within the day , Its formalities are no longer charged , Only the handling charge at the time of opening . For example, you can start cooking oil , And close the position within the day , This hand only needs to pay 2 Dollar handling fee . If you close your position overnight , Then this hand of vegetable oil needs to pay a total of 4 Dollar handling fee .

No, the service charge of futures is different , For example, the handling charge for each hand of vegetable oil mentioned just now is 2 element , Apple, which is also listed on Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, is 5 element , Sugar each hand 3 element . There are also some varieties that charge handling fees according to the transaction amount , for example , Eggs charge ten thousandths 1.5 The handling charge , The rubber plate is charged ten thousandths 1 The handling charge .

meanwhile , Not all futures varieties will be closed within the day without handling charges , But only a part of it . For example, the handling charge of urea futures is per hand 5 element , Whether or not the position is closed within the day , When closing positions, you need to pay 5 element .

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Take the answer 3:
Hello , For some varieties of futures, the handling fee for closing positions within a day will be doubled , Some varieties do not , Welcome to consult

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