Arduino released portenta X8 and Max carrier with Linux operating system pre installed

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lately ,Arduino The official has released two new products :Portenta X8( Core Edition )、Max Carrier.( Expansion board )


From the official blog description , These two products are revolutionary 、 More powerful Arduino product .

Let's read the important information of these two products .

Portenta X8

Portenta X8, yes Arduino Pro A plug and play piece in the series 、 Strong core version of industrial grade .

Two processors 、7 Kernel

It's not an ordinary core board , Is to have NXP i.MX 8M Mini and STM32H747XI The core board of two high-performance processors .


It contains Cortex-A53、Cortex-M7、Cortex-M4 And so on .

NXP i.MX 8M Mini:

  • 4 individual Cortex-A53

  • 1 individual Cortex-M4


  • 1 individual Cortex-M7

  • 1 individual Cortex-M4

Arduino、Linux Dual system

On board two processors , among STM32H7 The processor runs Arduino Code ,NXP i.MX 8M Mini The processor runs Liunx operating system .


Arduino Pro Portenta X8 Promotional video :

Max Carrier

Max Carrier, yes Arduino Pro An expansion board in the series .

It provides many rich external link functions , such as :RS232/422/485、USB、MicroSD、LoRa、Cat-M1 、NB-IoT etc. .

Max Carrier( Expansion board ) Promotional video :

Max Carrier( floor ) carrying Portenta X8( Core board ), Is a powerful computer .


The board has AI and ML function , It has a wide range of applications , such as : Industry 4.0、 Intelligent agriculture 、 Interconnected buildings and smart cities .

This trend will continue ,Arduino  Performance is to catch up with raspberry pie ...

at present (2022-05-12),Portenta X8 On the official website , The price is :199 euro ( about 1409 element ), It's still a little expensive , It may be because of the rise in the price of chips .


Max Carrier Not yet on sale , upcoming .

For more information , Please refer to the blog :

Promotional video :

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